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The UESP: Daggerfall: Concern for Nulfaga
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Daggerfall: Concern for Nulfaga

19 February 2011

(Walkthrough written by R. McPherson and James Andrew McNabb)

Starts With: Queen Aubk-i, Daggerfall
Dungeon: Shedungent, Wrothgarian Mountains
Minimum PC Level: 3
Key Strategy: Talk to Nulfaga and return to the queen.
Story Progression: Gives you the location of Nulfaga and possibly a shortcut to reach her again.
Prerequisite Quest: None
Next Quest: Mynisera'a Letters

After talking with Queen Aubk-i in Daggerfall, you will learn she is concerned about Nulfaga the sorceress (Gothryd's grandmother). Since the death of her son Lysandus, she has shut herself away in the confines of the Shedungent dungeon in the Wrothgarian mountains, and no one has seen or heard from her in quite a while. Your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to pay a visit to Nulfaga, talk to her (click on her), and return to the queen in time (you have about 2 months if I remember correctly).

This actually isn't a required quest, but it makes searching for Medora's Unicorn horn much easier.

Tip: You only get one chance to talk to Nulfaga (she doesn't respond afterwards) so 'listen' carefully as she says something which can make you life much easier in the future.

Finding Nulfaga
If you don't mind excessive cheating, to find Nulfaga you simply go to the door straight ahead as you enter the dungeon. This door is magically locked and can be opened with the 'Open' spell, although it is difficult (confirmed). Click on the banner beside the door (I believe it has a dragon on it) and respond with shut up. Nulfaga is on the second level of the huge chamber beyond the now open door. You actually learn this command after talking with her which makes a following quest, Medora's Unicorn Horn, much easier since it also takes place in Shedungent. The real-adventurer's path to finding Nulfaga involves the usual dungeon crawl, bypassing the locked door.

The next quest is Mynisera'a Letters, or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

Contributors include Master Gnash - mgnash@cport.com.

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