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Daggerfall: Mynisera's Letters

15 February 2011

Starts With: Queen Aubk-i, Daggerfall
Dungeon: Castle Necromoghan (A Random Dungeon), Daggerfall?
Minimum PC Level: 3
Key Strategy: None
Story Progression: None
Prerequisite Quest: Concern for Nulfaga
Next Quest: None

Queen Aubk-i summons you for another quest. This time she is suspicious of Mynisera, the Dowager Queen Mother of Gothryd, and the widow of King Lysandus. Aubk-i wants you to travel to Mynisera's Bhold and search for papers the dowager queen has been smuggling out of Castle Daggerfall. The papers turn out to be embarrassing letters and diaries of Lysandus and other family members. Although they are of no value, Aubk-i comments on Lysandus' infidelity when she reads them.

This is not a required quest but it may provide the player with some information on the plot.

You may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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