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About me[edit]

I've been playing Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind in 2003. I've also played Oblivion, Oblivion PSP, Skyrim, Online, Legends and Skyrim Special Edition, although I found Online boring and Special Edition nothing more than a cash grab on Bethesda's part. My favourite Elder Scrolls game by far is Oblivion. I loved it so much I used to scour the web to find out anything I could about unused content in it. Then, I got a PC and started looking through the files myself to find things. Eventually, I decided to restore as much as I could (that hadn't already been restored by other modders) and so 'Oblivion Uncut', a mod which would cause me both happiness and anger, was born. In addition, I also created a mod for Skyrim which restored it's unused opening scene 'Opening Scene Overhaul', which to my surprise, garnered quite a bit of attention, especially from other Youtubers. Speaking of Youtube, I myself have a Youtube channel, 'Publick Gamer' in which I showcase unused content, make videos talking about it and also make silly machinima type videos too. I might not have many edits on this wiki for a few years, but at least I've been giving back to the community in other ways ;)

Oblivion Glitches I Found When I Used to Play on Xbox[edit]

  • Gromm spawning in the Imperial City
  • Janus Hassildor spawning and following me in Bruma
  • Martin being permanently paralyzed in Battlehorn Castle; only casting a paralyze spell on him would restore him (for 7 seconds!)
  • Kellen's post-quest schedule never triggering, resulting in him never moving, unless commanded.
  • Larthjar the Laggard chasing me in the Arboretum , claiming it was his and it was ,"Time to lock up now!"
  • Falling through the floor in Frostcrag Spire Storage Room
  • Guards always attacking each other
  • Jauffre trying to kill me ,for no reason , after starting the Defense of Bruma
  • Gemellus Axius' corpse floating in mid-air
  • Adamus Phillida following me around the Prison District
  • R'vanni spawning next to me outside prison along with Boldon, Lenka Valus, Rona and Audens Avidius
  • Martin getting jammed in the middle of a table
  • Ocato and Jauffre getting out of bounds after Light the Dragonfire
  • My followers swimming on land
  • Baurus walking without moving any part of his body
  • Shamada trying to pick up an item forever, from first glance it looked like she was pinching the npc next to her
  • Gureryne Selvilo getting a never ending blessing from Talos
  • Sheogorath attempting to send to me to execution point, but instead freezing me in cutscene mode
  • Sheogorath getting into a fight with residents of Bliss.



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