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This is a guide that will advise you if you ever have the urge to wipe out the Imperial City population- this is an example of the many ways to achieve this goal- NOTE- Only extremely strong players should follow this guide- players that are great at combat, magic and even stealth. Follow these steps closely.

The Long Preparation[edit]

Firstly you should prepare yourself before starting the revolt.

Equip yourself[edit]

Basically you should equip yourself with as many possible items..... as possible! Bring plenty of magicka fortifying gear so that you can cast some powerful spells.

Weaponry is less vital, but bring some powerful melee weapons as well as some powerful bows, enchanted or not it doesn't really matter. To keep your magicka up you may want some Absorb Magicka enchantments. Also take some staves with you for some fun and be sure to bring these artifacts- the Skull of Corruption, the Skeleton Key (to break into houses simply), The Staff of Worms (to recruit more followers from the dead) and the Sanguine rose- they will all come in useful later on... If you like you could take some other interesting items- it's up to you.

Keep some powerful custom made poisons on you in order to have some fun doing stealth. Some health/magicka restoring potions would also be useful.

Be sure to have some poisoned apples on you so that you can have some fun at the tavern later.....

You may want to keep a bunch of soul gems for recharging magical items and some repair hammers for repairing your gear. You may also want some paint brushes in order to climb to high places by using the paint brush glitch.

Recruiting an Army[edit]

Recruit an army. Get as many followers as possible. Here are some locations of where to find some-

  • Dark Brotherhood Murderer- After you complete the Honor Thy Mother quest for the dark brotherhood you will be able to choose from 3 different assassins to follow you. You should not choose the archer because he might shoot some of your other followers and weaken them- instead choose one of the melee fighting ones.
  • Mage Apprentice- After completing the mages guild questline recruit an apprentice from the arcane university to aid you using magic.
  • The Adoring Fan- Unlocked after you complete the Imperial City Arena questline, the adoring fan is pretty pointless in combat. However it is entertaining to see him run around in terror as the chaos commences!

Official Plug-ins only

  • Elemental Atronach- Unlocked after purchasing the Wizard's Tower plug-in, the best atronach to choose would be a storm atronach, because only a few NPCs are resistant to lightning. Atronachs provide some good melee combat.
  • Knight of the Nine- Gained after completing the knights of the nine official plug-in, the knight of the nine is arguably one of the most powerful followers out there.

There are many other followers out there that are only available during quests. To see them all, check out this list.


The spells you should head into battle with are-


-Absorb Health 100 points in 10 feet for 1 sec on touch

-Absorb Magicka 100 points in 10 feet for 1 sec on touch

This would be the best spell for taking out those incredibly large groups of Imperial guards- your magicka and health will probably be fully restored after about 1 use of this if there are enough men nearby. Just don't use this with your followers nearby. EXAMPLE- if there are 5 fresh enemies in a 10 foot radius around you this will give you health=100X5=500 health point regeneration and magicka=100X5=500 magicka point regeneration.


-Restore Health X points for Y seconds on touch/self/target

Vital- to heal you and your soldiers.


-Fire Damage 100 points for 1 sec on touch

-Frost Damage 100 points for 1 sec on touch

-Shock Damage 100 points for 1 sec on touch

-Damage Health 100 points for 1 sec on touch

-Absorb Health 100 points for 1 sec on touch

-Drain Health 100 points for 1 sec on touch This is extremely powerful against single enemies!


-Invisibility for X seconds on self

Sometimes you will just want to sit back relax and watch the battle- invisibility lets you do just that.


-Frenzy Up to lvl 25 in 50 feet for 30 secs on target

-Rally 100 points in 50 feet for 30 secs on target

Although this will not affect the guards it will cause citizens to revolt and attack the guards and themselves causing EXTRA chaos.


-Command Humanoid Up to lvl 25 for 30 secs on touch/target

Increase your armies numbers by recruiting more people.

Let the Chaos.... BEGIN![edit]

Head over to the Imperial City and begin your revolt!

The Temple District[edit]

The best place to start your attack is the temple district. The best time to attack would be in the day time. With your small squad of rebels, attack a guard and start the battle. Resist arrest (of course) and let the guards swarm in. You will be heavily outnumbered- but that is the whole reason you have your frenzy custom spell- a.k.a. revolt. Fire a revolt and some command spells and stretch your forces numbers. Keep healing your followers and launch in some destructive magic or physical attacks yourself to blast away some guards. Within some minutes all the guards will be dead, so then start terrorizing the citizens until they're all dead. Keep patrolling the temple district until you're sure all the people that can die are dead. The chances are all your followers will be dead by now, but you still have the ability to command the people! Now head over to the Arboretum.

The Arboretum[edit]

There will probably be some peasants here and a fair amount of guards. There are also some armed bodyguards in chainmail hanging around the arboretum too. Fire off some bolts from your skull of corruption so that the peasants fight their evil copies until all are dead, then reanimate them using the staff of Worms so that they help you overthrow the arboretums guards. Now that your followers are probably dead and you won't need to worry about accidentally harming them, blast off some large radius destructive spells or paralyzing spells to destroy the force of guards. Once your revolt has consumed the Imperial City Arboretum, head over to the Arena.

The Arena[edit]

The small area around the arena has quite a few guards and very little peasants to command, so you will have to rely on 'Super Absorb' (see spell examples above) to win your campaign. Wait until there is a large group of guards around, then fire off the spell. Your magicka will most likely be fully restored the first time, but as the guards run out of magicka the effect probably will only gain you a few points, however the absorb health effect wont let you down. Murder the people outside the arena then talk to the gamekeeper of the arena and pretend you are betting on a match. Head into the viewing seats and meet the other gamblers then eliminate them. Now it's time to launch an attack on the market district!

The Market District[edit]

Wait until around 10 pm before assaulting the market district. Take a stealthy approach.... When you enter, the streets will probably be empty except for the odd guard or courier. Turn invisible then add some deadly poisons to your arrows and sneak attack any people that get in your way. Your target is the Merchants Inn. Enter it. The merchants having their evening meal will not suspect a thing... Secretly drop some poison apples in the merchants meals and then watch them slowly die 1 by 1. After you have watched the merchants die, beat the innkeeper to death and leave. After you sneak out head over to the Feed bag tavern and murder any other NPCs staying there, including the barman. After you leave the Feed bag you will most likely be attacked by guards again- this time you will have no allies at all. Keep battling the guards until they are all dead, then after a while Carmalo Truiad the guard captain will probably be on you. After you have dealt with him wait for a while then head over to the elven gardens district for some more chaos.

The Elven Gardens District[edit]

There are many peasants living here, and you should command them to fight the guards. Keep reanimating the citizens corpses and paralyze the guards so that they are defenceless. You may want to drop some decent weapons on the floor for the citizens to pick up and wield. Join in the skirmish and eliminate all the guards. Once that is done head into the houses and murder everyone you can and reanimate as many dead bodies as possible in preparation for the final assault on the Palace....

The Palace[edit]

Storm the outside of the palace with your undead army and kill every guard in sight- then reanimate the dead guards. You may also see some citizens you may want to command in your assault. With your now large army march into the main palace. Straight away a large group of guards will be summoned to defend High Chancellor Ocato. After a large skirmish everybody (except you) will probably be dead. Reanimate as many dead bodies as possible and head into the council hall. It's time to show the Imperial City who's boss! Head in with your undead soldiers and beat up 'High' Chancellor Ocato until you get bored. Your work here is done.

Minor Areas[edit]

Only a few areas are being held by the Imperial Guard now - The Prison, The Arcane University, the Talos plaza district, the waterfront and the Stables (if you are really cruel!). Be sure to pay these a visit- here are some tips-

The Prison

You will battle many guards and jailers here, maybe even the guard captain Giovanni Civello. After dealing with the prisons defences head into the dungeon and murder every prisoner you find.

The Arcane University

Leave the Mages alone- they can be your minions- It is the battlemages you must kill! After defeating the first legion battlemages head into the University watch tower and kill the rest of them. You may also find many entertaining ways to beat up Raminus Polus if you like!

The Talos Plaza District

A fairly largely populated area of the Imperial city, be sure to take advantage of the large number of citizens here and use them against the guards with your mind altering frenzy and command spells! Make sure you break in and ransack every house in the district!

The Waterfront

Your main threats here are the guards and pirates. After you have killed them head into the bloated float inn and cast 'REVOLT' (see spells above) in order to start a violent barfight in which people will be killed, then kill any remaining survivors and set off to the lighthouse. Kill the somewhat dopey lighthouse keeper and the guards staying at the lighthouse then head over to the slums and wreak havoc there. After you have caused enough damage there you may as well leave...

The Stables

Since you are roleplaying as a cruel murderer you should head over to the stables and kill the peasants and the horses populating it. Once you've done that go slightly north of the stables and 'have a little chat' with Shady Sam. Once Sam is laying in a pool of his own blood, you may leave and get some rest- your killing marathon is over.


The Imperial City is virtually empty. High Chancellor Ocato will spend the rest of his days in hospital and Cyrodiil has been badly scarred for ever. Well done! Remember you don't have to follow this guide directly- there are endless ways to destroy the Imperial City!