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So, you've clicked my name. I guess that means you want to learn more about me. Or you're just clumsy. Eaither way, here's some information about me!


I live in the south of England, in sunny Surrey, even if it does rain most of the time. I used to live in London, but before you ask, I do not have a silly cockney accent. Glad we've got that sorted.

My Elder Scrolls History[edit]

For me it started with Morrowind. I loved it, even though I was absolutely rubbish at it. I soon decided to buy Oblivion, but dissapointingly discovered that it didn't work on my computer. Still, I continued to play Morrowind for a long time, but eventually the game dwindled out when my rubbishness started to limit me.

That was until a while later when I had a new computer and suddenly remembered that old game I bought but didn't work, and brushing the dust booted up Oblivion and to my delight it worked fine. Thanks to a few years more experience in games I was much better at and after months and months of playing completed it, with loads of characters the head of their factions. What a game. I managed to drag it out for years on end of occasional play, aided by my discovery of this site and my use of the Construction Set. Very lately I remembered the awesomeness of Morrowind and installed that too, growing to love it just as much as Oblivion. It was while playing that that I came across a strange bug. I came onto this website to check it out, but found it missing. There was also a discusion going on about it, so findind I wasn't the only one I loaded the Construction Set to find this bug and see if there was a fix. I wasn't very hopeful, but to my joy I found it and decided to share it with everyone but creating an acount and made my first edit. Nice!

The Eternal Question: Oblivion or Morrowind?[edit]

Some more modern players who have Olivion will overlook Morrowind due to its simplistic graphics and clumsy menues. To an extent they have a point, in that the graphics are often downright ugly and its base is flawed. There are others who started their Elder Scrolls journey with Morrowind or earlier, who, arguably suffering from rose-tinted vision, will be quick to proclaim Morrowind superior. For me, which is better is one of the hardest questions in life which I often find myself pondering.

It was a long time ago that I first played Morrowind, and can barely remember any of my rather stunted-by-my-rubbishness experience. My first memories are of Oblivion, wandering through amazing landscapes and lush cities. But what my recent playing of Morrowind has made me realise is what Oblivion lacks; some solid world design. Walk through the world Oblivion. Wander between two cities. What you will see is almost nothing. Just an endless path and the odd samey dungeon. What Morrowind has in spades is a world packed with little villages, interesting and different dungeons, short quests, small farms and even plantations and manors with slaves outside. Adding the ablity to fast travel in Oblivion stole from that essential feeling of wonder as you walked from town to town.

Unfortunately, playing Morrowind after Oblivion makes you realise just how dated it is. Just one look at a screenshot will show you the blocky graphics of often dull and boring colours. Oblivion gives you a huge draw distance with which to show of its lush green environments and sparkling water. Morrowind is also incredably rough around the edges, with ugly menues and frustrating design flaws. For example, why do you need to fold down crtl continualy to sneak. Oblivion to the care of Morrowind and gave it a well needed polish before placing it in a fantastic looking world.

To be honest, I'm not sure if there is a better game. In other people opinion there will be, but in mine it's just too close to call. While Morrowind is a masterclass in good game design, Oblivion has the charm to make you smile while playing. Maybe some day I'll get off this fence, but at the moment it would feel cruel to take a side.

My Other Interests[edit]

To anyone that knows me personaly it's no secret that I'm a huge Nintendo fan. I currently own a Wii and DS, and still have my old GBA and Gamecube. Outside Elder Scrolls (which are in my life perpetually) I'm currently playing Monster Hunter Tri and a cheap copy of Advance Wars: Dark Conflict I picked up recently.

Outside games, I'm a big tennis fan. I play every weekend but I can't really see the fuss in any other sports.


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What I do Around Here[edit]

I have a wide range of knowledge of subjects in Oblivion, and know how to use both Construction Sets to retrieve information. As such, if there any tasks you think I would be good at please add them to my talk page! However, wiki markup confuzzles me greatly, so any help with that would be appriciated!