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Guten Tag alle miteinander![edit]

I'm working to learn more advanced techniques so that I may contribute more to the UESP. Although I"m not on the computer or laptop as often as I used to be, I do spend more time here than any other website.

I have a talk page if you have any suggestions or questions.

About Me[edit]

My real name is Josh. Born and raised about an hour away from Atlanta, GA. I've been playing drums for a decade and a half and have a lot of knowledge about drums/percussion. I can play a few other instruments though not on an advanced level.

I used to setup computers, software, wiring, and labeling for a small company in Acworth. I spent about five years doing so but as time went on I found the work left me unfulfilled. I currently run injection blow molding or "one-step" machines on a 12 hour (2-2-3) Panama shift cycle. The work is much more physically demanding, for whatever reason I enjoy the job much more than I expected. I basically have a set of six machines (occasionally a set three or a set of four) that I watch and work on each shift. I mostly perform small maintenance tasks, mechanical fixes, polish molds, clean up hydraulic oil, unjam conveyors, as well as maintain and adjust the process of the machines as needed each day. I work on both Aoki & Nissei one-step machines and the company I work for has stretch-blow or "two-step" machines as well, both Sidel & Siapi. I can honestly say that I enjoy going to work everyday! The only negative side that I have found by changing my career from computer applications to a mechanical technician is that it's been difficult finding time to further my skill set with computers. UESP is sort of like my "daily maintenance" to stay in touch with the technological world, so I always make sure to hop on here when I have the time.