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Did you know...[edit]

  • ... that Nirn is the name of the planet on which Tamriel, the continent that hosts most events in the Elder Scrolls games, is located?
  • ... that the Ayleid language frequently uses compound words?
  • ... that reading Elder Scrolls will result in the reader eventually losing their eyesight?
  • ... that jagga, fermented pig's milk, is popular in Valenwood?
  • ... that Eyevea was a part of the Shivering Isles for thousands of years, because Shalidor traded it to Sheogorath for the Folium Discognitum?
  • ... that the Dawnguard was originally formed to contain the Jarl of Riften's vampire son sometime in the Second Era?
  • ... that most buildings in Skyrim are built partly underground to conserve heat, and are made primarily of stone, with wood used only for support, and roofs of straw above the wood?
  • ... that the Clockwork City is described as a "metaphor made manifest", and its exact location is unknown?
  • ... that Skyrim is the first Elder Scrolls game in which the player's health regenerates on its own?
  • ... that Arena was originally going to be played entirely in a single arena, hence the rather irrelevant title and original box art?