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Hi, I'm Thal-J. I am a long time fan of the Elder Scrolls series, dating back to 2007 when my uncle first got me into the franchise with Oblivion. Since then, I have played all of the main games, and have gone back to play some of the older games (i.e, before TES3), including the mobile games.

I am a huge fan of Elder Scrolls lore, especially the more esoteric, metaphysical side of things, and you can regularly catch me in the UESP discord lore channel talking about such things.

My favourite game in the franchise is ESO, simply due to the vast amount of lore it has given to the series. I eagerly await all the new ESO expansions, with excitement for what new lore they can add.

Working on[edit]

The current project I am working on on-wiki is documenting the Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey. It really is in need of documentation, especially the creature pages. I've decided to take that project on by myself, and play through the game and document the creatures and their statistics as I see them.

My sandbox is here.