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Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

Dialogue Line Corresponding Quest
"You fought beside Lord Gharesh-ri in Haven? This one should be so lucky!"
"The Jackdaws should never attacked Haven. They got what they deserved."
"They say Lord Gharesh-ri saved Haven from pirates. But this one knows it was you."
"This one lost friends in Haven. But you avenged them, I hear. Many owe you their thanks."
"Bet the dead of Tanzelwil had a lot to say about Ayrenn."
"What kind of monster orders our hatchlings murdered? I spit in Queen Ayrenn's eye!"
"You aided Queen Ayrenn in her ratification, correct? You do look like someone to know."
"Ayrenn should have been the one put to death at Skywatch. Bah!"
"You saw Queen Ayrenn step out of the Orrery? What a wondrous thing"
"None were loved more than Arithiel. I hope you're proud of yourself."
"They give Arithiel all the credit, but I know it was you who ended Mauloch's terror."
"My cousin was studying with Telenger at Ezduiin. Thank you for all you did there!"
"You stood among the standing stones of Tanzelwil! Auri-el be praised."
"Praise the Eight! And praise be to you for your bravery at Torinaan."
"The savior of Skywatch! The Heritance training camp crushed!"
"Without you, so many more would have died at Dune. Bright moons."
"Malabal Tor's better off without Captain Khammo. Now the rum sells at half price."
"Thank you for saving the Mane at Driladan Pass."
"You saved the Mane at Driladan pass. This one's friend was among the soldiers there."
"This one has heard how you saved the Mane at Driladan Pass."
"My sister was among the soldiers you saved at Driladan Pass."
"The Blacksap Rebellion is all but gone. I heard the Vinedusk Rangers used a mercenary to shut them down."
"It can't have been easy to sacrifice Arithiel. What an awful choice."
"You helped Arithiel stop Mauloch? If only I could walk in her shadow!"
"You fought the agents of Mehrunes Dagon, and won! The savior of Firsthold!"
"I heard what you did at the Guard, traveler. Auri-el keep you safe."
"Did you hear about the town of Longhaven? Vampires were luring the villagers into the mist."
"The Hallowed! You stood with the Champions at Rawl'kha!"
"You are the Hallowed. The one that walked the Path with the Mane! Bright moons!"
"You are the Hallowed! Bright moons be praised!"
"The Hallowed that walked the Path. This one is not worthy to stand before you."
"Moons guide you on path, Hallowed. Guide you in all things."
" are the Hallowed. You walked the Path with the Mane!"
"I heard what happened at Moonmont, Hallowed. Moons be praised for your bravery."
"You did what had to be done, Hallowed. Bright moons watched you at Moonmont."
"The Moon Hallowed! Bright moons guide you on your path, Hallowed."
"You saw the first Mane, and walked the Path! Hallowed be praised!"
"The moons praise you for what you did at Moonmont, Hallowed."
"You're the one who discovered Vicereeve Pelidil's involvement with the Veiled Heritance."
"This one was very pleased to hear of Vicereeve Pelidil's defeat."
"A friend sailed on the Prowler when you defeated Vicereeve Pelidil. The stories he tells!"
"Thanks to you, Vicereeve Pelidil is dead and the Dominion has one enemy fewer."
"Bright moon, you are the one who chased down Pelidil's ship and defeated him!"
"The official word is that Vicereeve Pelidil used Prince Naemon for his own evil ends."
"Don't believe the rumors. Prince Naemon died protecting the queen in the Orrery."
"You saved our high-and-mighty Queen, eh? Pah, Naemon should have had the crown!"
"You saved the Queen! Stars keep you safe, traveler."
"I heard that you defeated the vampires that were feading on Longhaven."
"The moors outside of Longhaven were home to vampires. Can you imagine!"
"You're the one who helped that Dunmer vampire hunter drive the vampires out of Longhaven."
"They say Captain Khammo took another ship. You're why moon-sugar is so pricy, yes?"
"This one wonders if Captain Khammo enjoys Anvil. You must visit him sometime."
"Captain Khammo makes a fantastic pirate. You really turned his life around."
"You kept the Silvenar and the Green Lady from harm. You're alright."
"I hope you twisted the knife in the Hound's guts, on behalf of the Green Lady."
"Who did the Hound think he was to steal the Green Lady's sister, Rajhin himself?"
"You showed those Wood Orcs. It's what they get for betraying the Green Lady."
"You were at the Green Lady's wedding, weren't you? She must have been resplendent."
"You rescued the Green Lady's sister? Is she unmarried? You should introduce me."
"The Veiled Heritance is broken, there is a new Silvenar, and we have you to thank!"
"What was the Silvenar's advisor, the one who died? Terrible shame."
"To be with the Silvenar on his wedding day. Must have been a real honor for you."
"The Hound heard no tales, if he thought kidnapping a maiden would result in victory."
"The Silvenar is crucial to the Dominion's stability. His advisor's sacrifice won't be forgotten."
"You helped the Clanmother retake Arenthia! Bright moons and well done!"
"You were with the Resistance at Arenthia. Bright moons!"
"This one has heard of your bravery. You drove the Colovians from Arenthia!"
"Amazing to think you've been in the field with Telenger himself. Simply amazing."
"Amazing to stand at the heart of Tanzelwil, isn't it. You can hear the Ancestors whisper."
"Were the Shadows Crawl Bosmer really wiped out?"
"I heard that the Bramblebreach Bosmer were all killed by the Shadows Crawl tribe."
"You're the one who wiped out the Shadows Crawl Bosmer!"
"You're the one who let those Shadows Crawl monsters destroy the Bramblebreach Bosmer!"
"They say you're the one who closed the Daedric portal at Moonhenge."
"The Daedra opened a portal at Moonhenge, and some hero collapsed it single-handedly."
"Did you really destroy the Daedric portal at Moonhenge all by yourself?"
"I heard that someone closed the portal at Moonhenge, and escaped while the Daedric realm was collapsing."
"I don't know the tribe in the Gray Mire, but I know your deeds there. May the Hist remember you always, friend."
"You brought hope to the Gray Mire. There is so little, for my people. Thank you."
"Argonians, exiled from the Gray Mire. Will the Dominion do so to Khajiit, one day?"
"This one knows the truth. The Argonians in the Gray Mire were spies. You did well to send them away."
"You exposed Captain Cularalda's true colors. Velyn Harbor owes you for that."
"Why did those Wood Orcs think the Covenant could take Velyn Harbor? Madness."
"No good comes from the Wood Orcs. Never forget Velyn Harbor!"
"Your heroism at Velyn Harbor is known far and wide. They should build you a statue."
"I heard you let that woman at Phaer have real justice. Auri-el would approve."
"I've heard of your deeds in Phaer, traveler. That was justice well done."
"You let that woman murder that doctor in Phaer, didn't you? Shame on you."
"How could you let that alchemist from Phaer live? He was a monster!"
"Lady Estre was our true Queen! Damn you for killing her!"
"The slayer of high kinlady Estre. Here, among us!"
"Estre was a traitor! And deserved to be put down."
"I'm glad you made the mayor of Southpoint pay for his crimes."
"You met Sheogorath in Southpoint? What next, Boethiah in Marbruk?"
"Sheogorath, in Southpoint? The tales can't be true, can they? No, of course not."
"I wonder how long Southpoint's mayor will survive in the Shivering Isles. Hopefully, not very."

Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

Dialogue Line Corresponding Quest
"I heard Bloodthorn assassins tried to kill King Casimir."
"They let a Red Rook help the Lion Guard at Eagle's Brook? I hope the soldiers double checked their supplies afterwards."
"Did you hear? Some Red Rook scum had a change of heart and actually helped the Lion Guard at Eagle's Brook? Ridiculous!"
"Trusting a bandit? The Lion Guard should be ashamed of itself."
"There's the one that stopped the attempt on the King's life."
"I recognize you. Sir Hughes wanted me to convey his regards."
"If rumors are to be believed, you saved King Emeric's life. Quite an honor!"
"I had a brother at Firebrand Keep. I mourn his loss, but I am grateful you restored order there."
"Bought your way out of some trouble at Dreughside, I hear."
"So, you threw Baron Sorick to the wolves! He deserved it."
"You! Baron Sorick's in jail because of you. Best place for him."
"Around Dreughside they say you took Baron Sorick down a peg or two. Had it coming."
"You're the darling who saved Rozenn Vanne, aren't you? Quite the hero!"
"I always thought Sir Hughes was such a dashing knight. It's sad what happened."
"I heard some Redguard woman turned her husband into a dog! Imagine that!"
"If I am not mistaken, you are a friend to Prince Azah. Safe roads to you then."
"Throne Keeper Farvad says you are Tu'whacca's champion. I hope it is true."
"My brother worked the shipyards at Tava's Blessing. Thanks to you, he can soon return."
"Imperial dogs! I thank Ruptga we have people like you to protect us."
"I hear someone found Fontbonne's stash. Must've been something special."
"I know you -- you're the one who saved Miranda from that awful husband of hers."
"Sad about Miranda Arcole, isn't it? But I guess you did what you could."
"You're the one who slew Master Muzgu, aren't you? Are you proud of that?"
"Is it really you? The one who saved Master Muzgu from the Supernal Dreamers?"
"You saved Count Hosni from that terrible woman. Good riddance, I say!"
"Aphren's Hold is once again a peaceful place, thanks to you."
"Ah...the hero of Koeglin Village. Very impressive."
"The death of Princess Lakana was so tragic, but we appreciate your efforts to save her."
"Deleyn's Mill used to grow the sweetest berries in the spring. I wonder where we'll get them from now?"
"I heard that Gloria Fausta sacrificed herself to cure Duke Sebastien's affliction."
"Did you hear that Duke Sebastien turned out to be a werewolf?"
"They say the Hag Fen is safe for travel these days. But I still hate nasty, smelly swamps."
"I heard that Duke Sebastien was a werewolf so they put him in a cage."
"Psst! I hear you helped get the latest batch of skooma into Sentinel. Thank you."
"I understand you helped authorities crack down on the Bandaari. Very much appreciated."
"Did you hear that someone purged the corruption from the Wyrd Tree?"
"What a relief! I heard that the Lion Guard has taken back Camlorn."
"Someone found a magical talisman that will allow the Lion Guard to get into Angof's stronghold."
"What's the world coming to when a rag-tag group of bandits like the Red Rooks can take over a town?"
"Thank you for saving Glenumbra! Thank you so much."
"Did you hear what happened to that treasure hunter who looted Badwater mine? Dead. Strange, eh?"
"You're the one who helped that treasure hunter at Badwater mine. Must have been exciting."
"The Crestshade refugees are safe and Captain Janeve survived the battle. You had something to do with that, didn't you?"
"I can only imagine Tanval's grief at losing his son. Good thing you were there to defeat General Serien though."
"If you have the respect of Clan Murtag, you have mine too."
"Donel Fontbonne says you are the most honest person in all Stormhaven."
"There was some kind of cult, they say, right beneath the king's castle! Called 'em the Bad Man's Hallows."
"Did you hear? Someone found that poor fool Tavo dead in an old ruin."
"Everyone's talking about what you did for Nahrina, driving off that debt collector. That was so brave!"
"I always knew them Pellingares were up to no good. Well done."
"I hear that troublemaker Captain Rama wound up dead. What a shame, eh? Ha ha!"
"You the one killed Captain Rama? He was my cousin. Never liked him, though."
"You caught Captain Rama, didn't you? None too soon, if you ask me."
"I hear you wiped out a vampire lair in Glenumbra. We need more people like you 'round here."
"I hear you wiped out a vampire lair in Glenumbra, then killed a child just because he was bitten. That's heartless."
"Thank the Eight, Bangkorai Pass is safe again. But at such a high cost to our kingdom...."
"Sir Hughes was once a good man, but killing Duchess Lakana could not be forgiven."
"What you have done at Tu'whacca's throne...we will never forget."
"What you accomplished at Tava's Blessing was a miracle! The gods are surely with you!"
"The liberator of Satakalaam! I salute you!"
"I heard you had to kill Master Muzgu to stop the Supernal Dreamers. Tough choice."
"Say, didn't you save Master Muzgu? We're clan-brothers! Can't thank you enough."
"I'm just glad there were some survivors at the Mill. It could have been so much worse."
"I heard that Duke Sebastien was a werewolf, but they cured him."
"They say the Wyresses drove an old witch out of the Hag Fen. Even so, the Wyrd Sisters make me nervous."
"Someone told me that Duke Sebastien is a werewolf. Can you believe it?"
"There is too much skooma coming into the Alik'r. Someone needs to stop these Bandaari!"
"There's the one that defeated the corrupted spirit inside of the Wyrd Tree."
"An undead werewolf took over Camlorn? An undead ... Werewolf? How does that even work?"
"Rumor is the soldiers at the Redoubt are going to move on to Cath Bedraud. May the Eight protect them."
"The mines at Crosswych are invaluable. I'm not surprised the Red Rooks tried to take control of the place."
"Angof's gone, but I wonder how long his creepy vines are going to stick around."
"All of Wayrest is talking about you. You're a hero for taking down those Pellingares."
"You were the one that helped Count Ravenwatch explore the Lorkrata ruins? Did you find something to stop the blood-curse?"
"Folks are saying that Count Ravenwatch discovered an Ayleid manuscript in the Lorkrata ruins. Good thing you were there to help him!"
"Rumor is that Count Ravenwatch found something important in the Lorkrata Hills. Was it a weapon, maybe? Or an ancient artifact of incredible power?"
"The garrison's ever protected the pass, and it's ours once more. And the less we hear about Imperials or Reachmen, the better."
"Bergama's Magistrate should be taken into the desert and stoned to death. That is all."
"They never learned what happened to all those missing people in Bergama. What a mystery!"
"Leki's Blade's well-run now, and I hear it's thanks to you. May Tall Papa bless your way."
"Rumor has it you saved Leki's Blade from its old master. Well done!"
"I rejoice to know Bangkorai Garrison is under Covenant control once more."
"Blood is thicker than water. The queen's soft-hearted where her family's concerned, even when it's the Duke."
"I hear the Duke's gone. Good riddance! I never did trust him."
"Lady Laurent sends her regards -- she still has that insufferable Stibbons with her."
"Hey there. My friend Stibbons wanted me to say hello, tell you 'thanks again'."
"Apparently, they found this crazy old Breton lost in the desert. Stibbons...that was his name."
"Lady Laurent passed through here -- I think she may have finally fired that insufferable Stibbons."
"You hear what the cultists were doing at Eagle's Brook? Nasty business."
"You know what happened in Eagle's Brook? That's what happens when you rely on magic."
"You helped save Eagle's Brook? I thought you'd be taller."
"I heard cultists took over Eagle's Brook. We should double our security here."
"My cousin trades with Eagle's Brook. I hope his business doesn't suffer after that attack."
"The Covenant's leader should've been King Fahara'jad. No one would dare attack him as they do King Emeric."
"Dathieu? The son of King Ranser's traitor general? Do we really want another Dathieu serving in the army?"
"The queen's a strong woman. Glad she's taking care of the city, not some regent."
"Did you hear about Duke Renchant? Dead! And well-deserved, may he rot forever!"
"They say the queen herself killed Duke Renchant. Good for her!"
"I'm not surprised Duke Renchant's dead, but I didn't think the queen would...take care of things herself."
"I can't believe the Duke's in trouble. He did so many good things for Evermore's people."
"The Montclairs have been forced out of Northpoint. Thank you for fighting for us, friend."
"Those Montclair traitors ambushed the guard at Hinault Farm! I heard a stranger happened along and saved them all."
"The Doomcrag! It collapsed! I just hope that terrible Montclair was under it when it fell."
"You were the one who sent Montclair's troops packing? You're a hero!"
"Did you hear what happened at Hinault Farm? Some hero saved the family and the guards from Montclair's forces."
"Shornhelm is safe, thanks to you! We'll make sure those Montclairs never come back!"
"Lord Ellic Dorell must have been working with the Montclairs. Why else would his father throw him in the stocks?"
"Baron Dorell and Countess Tamrith led the assault against Baron Montclair! We never would have taken the Shrouded Pass without their leadership!"
"That traitorous bastard Montclair is hiding atop the Doomcrag! Reports from the front say the guard are now in control of the Shrouded Pass."
"Montclair bastards! Attacked the Shornhelm Guard at Hinault Farm! But I heard everything turned out fine."
"I knew we never should have trusted Baron Montclair. Thanks for saving the city."

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

Dialogue Line Corresponding Quest
"You're the one who rooted out that spy and united the Ebonheart Pact!"
"There's trouble at the Deepcrag Den kwama mine. I'd steer clear of the area if I were you."
"Any time I can cheer when a Dark Elf dies, I'll do it. Especially a Dark Elf as vile as Magistrix Vox."
"I don't care what you say, the killer in Stormhold was a Shadowscale!"
"House Dres has spread your name far and wide."
"Ashlanders nearly destroyed Muth Gnaar before they were stopped. To attack a place of makes no sense."
"Kothringi or not, Drillk returned to the Hist. I don't care what my egg-sisters think."
"They tell me you brought the Nords, Argonians, and Dunmer together to defeat Balreth."
"Is it true that this Llodos Plague turned whatever it touched into a zombie?"
"You showed the Dominion at Murkwater. Burn, milk-suckers, burn! Ha!"
"A friend said the kwama at Deepcrag Den got all riled up and attacked the miners."
"To be the last Kothringi...such a lonely thing. You must visit Drillk, now and again."
"The temple appears as a nest disturbed. The Dark Elves swarm around it, seeming to busy themselves but accomplishing nothing."
"The Dark Elves' Saint Veloth, his spirit apparently lingers at his shrine. I find that rather disturbing."
"You have saved many lives by ending Vox's threat. What you did was good and right."
"Thank Vivec you stopped the Covenant from summoning Sadal!"
"Is it true they summoned Balreth to defeat the Daggerfall army at Davon's Watch?"
"Orcs commandeered Malak's Maw, but they were dealt with, thankfully. Orcs make me nervous."
"May Sithis grant a quick death to those afflicted with the plague."
"An egg brother betrays his people in Silent Mire? Sithis take him for doing such a thing!"
"All those prisoners in White Rose, driven mad. Sometimes you have to weigh the odds."
"How could you let those Imperial prisoners loose in Shadowfen? I bet they're up to no good."
"Magistrix Vox did something terrible to the people of Selfora. Why is the Tribunal silent in the face of such atrocities?"
"You and Tanval kept that monster Sadal at bay. Thank you!"
"Hail, Stral-killer!"
"My brother was with you when you retook Fallowstone Hall."
"A Nord offered me something called Giant's Toe Mead. It was disgusting, but I pretended to like it."
"Did Thallik really try to open a portal to Oblivion?"
"I heard that someone found a way into Fort Cradlecrush and defeated the Stormfist leader there."
"You were at Fort Zeren. All those refugees. Good thing you were there."
"It's a shame about all those Fort Zeren refugees. Thank goodness you were at the docks, though!"
"The Nord traitor is dead. Long live the champion, and long live the Skald-King!"
"I heard you saved the life of Thane Unnvald. Too bad his worthless adviser escaped."
"Terrible what happened to Thane Unnvald. I hope it was worth it."
"The liberator of Fallowstone Hall! Your bravery is legendary."
"You're the one who saved For Zeren. Terrible what happened at Foyen Docks, though."
"Weren't you at Foyen docks? I hear they never would have held without you."
"I was relieved to hear that Voljar's Meadery has reopened. Good mead warms the soul!"
"I heard that the ghost of Queen Nurnhilde was seen in Fort Morvunskar."
"Seems as if the Pact leaders are preparing to take on the Skald-King's traitorous brother."
"Did you hear that someone antagonized the giants into attacking Lower Yorgrim."
"Now that the giant threat is over, I'm going to start trading in Lower Yorgrim again."
"I heard that someone overthrew the giant leader in Lower Yorgrim."
"I heard that Skorvild baited the giants into attacking Lower Yorgrim."
"You won't catch me visiting Lower Yorgrim. There are too many giants in that place."
"There's the one that made peace with the giants in Lower Yorgrim."
"I don't care if they're under control. I'm not going to Lower Yorgrim until the giants go away."
"Did you hear that someone is leading the giants that overran Lower Yorgrim?"
"I heard that you were there when the Reachmen released Sinmur's ghost."
"Can you believe the Reachmen raised Sinmur's ghost? It's a good thing you were there."
"Curse those Reachmen for releasing Sinmur's ghost. It's a good thing you were there to warn the Pact."
"Heard the Orcthane sent thugs to harass the owners of Voljar's Meadery. But you can't keep a good Nord down."
"Did you hear? Someone stole Queen Nurnhilde's body from the Royal Tombs."
"They say Aera Earth-Turner was working with the Worm Cult."
"Spy or not, Aera Earth-Turner deserved better than death."
"Exile is better than a spy like Aera Earth-Turner deserved. You're more merciful than I would have been."
"Word from Nimalten is that Aera Earth-Turner was a traitor? You were there. Is that true?"
"Hail, Geirmund's Guardian!"
"Geirmund's Guardian. You have my respect."
"Your reputation spreads far and wide, Geirmund's Guardian."
"You completed Geirmund's three challenges? Unbelievable."
"I heard you drove those cannibals out of the Forgotten Crypts. Must've been a horrifying scene down there."
"They say Ysgramor himself appeared after the ghost of Sinmur was defeated."
"Did you really meet Ysgramor himself?"
"You're the favored one, the one Ysgramor appeared to."
"We Nords will route out that bastard Fildgor. He won't be able to hide in the hills for very long."
"Aren't you the Champion of Windhelm? The one that stopped Fildgor Orcthane?"
"Did you hear? They finally freed Fort Morvunskar from Fildgor Orcthane's troops."
"So Fildgor poisoned his own brother? And he expects the Nords to follow him? He's more foolish than I imagined."
"I heard someone gave Fildgor a warrior's death. Was that you?"
"At last the troublemaker, Fildgor, is dead. The Pact can move forward and I can return home."
"Now that Fildgor is gone, perhaps the Stormfist clan will accept with the one true king."
"Maybe Jorunn deserved this fate. Maybe Fildgor was right all along. The Nord people must stand together."
"High-King Jorunn rules unopposed and Fildgor yet lives. The divines truely smile on the sons of Skyrim."
"You're the one that saved Jorunn the Skald-King in Windhelm. Hail, hero!"
"If you hadn't defeated that nasty little Elf, Vox, I'm sure our great King Jorunn would have taken care of her."
"It must have been hard for King Jorunn to kill his own brother."
"King Jorunn is truly merciful to let his traitorous brother live."
"The King and his councilors are camped at Jorunn's Stand, getting ready to move against Fildgor Orcthane. It's about time, I say."
"I heard there was an attempt on Jorunn the Skald-King's life."
"There's the one that uncovered the plot against Jorunn the Skald-King."
"The King and half the Pact are at Jorunn's Stand. They say the Orcthane has taken refuge in the Skuldafn hills."

Main Quest[edit]

Dialogue Line Corresponding Quest
"Did you hear that the Great Shackle was destroyed?"
"The Planemeld is finally over. Does this mean we can go home now?"
"I heard you were there when Molag Grunda was defeated. Well done."
"I heard the Great Shackle was destroyed! I hope that means the Planemeld has been stopped."
"I was beginning to think this fight was hopeless, but with the Great Shackle destroyed, we might just have a chance here."
"Is it true that you faced Molag Bal himself? This one shivers just thinking about it."
"With the Great Shackle destroyed, has the Planemeld been stopped?"
"Vanus Galerion tried to destroy the Black Forge all by himself. He was captured, but someone rescued him."
"Did you hear that Vanus Galerion was rescued from the Black Forge?"
"Taking the Chasm was necessary, but by the soul of Tu'whacca I would prefer never to have to fight over ground like that again."
"They say Molag Grunda guarded the gatehouse on the Chasm. I didn't see her. Nor did I want to."
"I was nervous, thinking of trying to take the Chasm. It was tough, but we did it."


Dialogue Line Corresponding Quest
"Bad enough to come to Coldharbour, but to end up in the Tower of Lies, toiling away? Glad some of those people were saved."
"Hah! The Hero of Coldharbour walks among us."
"This one was glad he was not in a hole in the ground called the Tower of Lies. Only in Coldharbour is a hole called a tower."
"I heard that they discovered a Light of Meridia floating above the Library of Dusk."
"Did you hear that someone actually escaped from the Lightless Oubliette?"

Fighters Guild[edit]

Dialogue Line
"Did you hear the tale of Sees-All-Colors? She betrayed the Fighters Guild to a Daedra!"
"Sun on my scales! An Argonian woman made special advisor to the head of the Fighters Guild!"
"A strong Redguard man leading the Fighters Guild! Tall Papa be praised, it is as it should be!"
"I can't believe they're making Guildmaster at-Aswala listen to that Argonian scum. He should have killed her when he had the chance!"
"Guildmaster at-Aswala truly has the mercy of Tall Papa. He let that Argonian traitor leave the guild with her life!"
"About time there was a strong Redguard leading the Fighters Guild. He'll keep the outlanders in line!"
"The new Guildmaster was merciful to let that Argonian traitor stay in the Fighters Guild, don't you think?"
"That Argonian traitor should have been put to the blade. Guildmaster at-Aswala is kinder than I'd have been!"
"I saw the Fighters Guild outcast in the market yesterday. That Sees-All-Colors is dangerous."
"A strong Argonian woman become leader of the Fighters Guild...and she's slain! Typical."
"Have you heard of that Sees-All-Colors? Cannot believe the Fighters Guild let her live."
"The Fighters Guild was cruel to cast out Sees-All-Colors. She was brave to do as she did."
"A noble Khajiiti woman like Aelif is murdered, and an avowed Daedra-worshiping Argonian is given a role in the Fighters Guild leadership. This one is sickened."
"This one thinks that Sees-All-Colors got what was coming to her. Traitorous Argonian scum."

Mages Guild[edit]

Dialogue Line
"The Summerset Isles are abuzz with the name Valaste. I'm proud a sister of Auridon would go so far in the Mages Guild!"
"The spirit of Shalidor returned and advising the Mages Guild! The times we live in."
"The return of Arch-Mage Shalidor! Truly a reason for all sons of Skyrim to smile."
"Have you heard? A High Elven woman named Valaste returned Eyevea to the Summerset Isles!"
"The Mages Guild is recruiting to fill roles on their fancy new island refuge. Eyevea, I think? Impressive."


Dialogue Line
"Did you hear some cultists found an old Daedric shrine in Fungal Grotto? Killed all the Dreugh just to get at it."
"Nobody comes out of Crypt of Hearts alive. Nobody. How'd you do it?"
"I heard you uncovered a lost shrine in Fungal Grotto. How eerie."
"You wouldn't catch me anywhere near that Crypt of Hearts! Leave that to braver folk like yourself."
"You walked into the Crypt of Hearts...and survived? I don't believe it!"
"You saved those poor mages trapped within Elden Hollow. An honorable deed."
"Bakkhara spoke of your selflessness in Elden Hollow. If only we could all be so brave."
"Is it true? Did you really explore the Crypt of Hearts?"
"They say the storms from Tempest Island would've drowned and blasted us all, were it not for your heroics."