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About Me[edit]

Well in 14 years old (Im turned it on the 5/6) im a completly new member i have been playing oblivion and morrowind for a bit (On xbox 360 so no console commands cheaters!) I called myself Scorpio which is what i name all of my characters and simpy love Argonians.

What i do[edit]

I love putting info about characters that i find funny (If those damn admins would be happy with it!) because of what i put rarely so very litte gets accepted but i dont mind.So i love when something gets accepted



Birthsign:The Theif
Class:Custom Class (Major Skills:Sneak,Security,Marksman,Acrobactics,Athletics,Light Armor, Alchemy)
Specilization:Stealth (Speed And Agilty)
Level:11 (I Know It's Low But I Like It Low)


Name:Scorpio (Big Surprise)
Birthsign:The Steed
Class:Custom Class (Major Skills:Sneak,Security,Marksman,Acrobatics,Light Armor. Minor Skills:Unarmored,Athletics,Alchemy,Mercantile,Speechcraft)
Specilization:Stealth (Speed And Agility)
Lvl:7 (Still Advancing)

Things To do[edit]

  • Create a Notable figures for The Imperial City
  • Create a Notable figures for Bruma
  • Create a Notable figures for Chorrol<
  • Create a Notable figure for Skingrad
  • Create a Notable figures for Kvat..Ohhh Right
  • Create a Notable figures for Anvil
  • Create a Notable figures for Leyawiin
  • Create a Notable figures for Bravil
  • Create a Notable figures for Cheydinhal
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