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Map Marker Icons[edit]

I've been creating my own custom annotated map on the side both as a hobby and for personal use. In the process, I have made custom Morrowind themed map markers and after seeing the work here, decided to offer them up for use with the online map, if you so choose. As I said, they are designed to fit the Morrowind theme. Many are borrowed from the game, some are borrowed from Oblivion, some are made with the hopes that they will be intuitive. I made a lot of them to cover all the bases and make the map as thorough as possible. I've broken them down into categories:

MW-icon-map-Geographical.gif Geographical[edit]

These are geographical locations found across the province; naturally occurring or so infused with the land, it’s obvious to group them here.

Image Location Type Description
MW-icon-map-Cave.gif Cave
MW-icon-map-Grotto.gif Grotto
MW-icon-map-Landmark.gif Landmark As general as Vvardenfell or Sea of Ghosts, as specific as Khartag Point or River Samsi.
MW-icon-map-Monument.gif Monument From the Shrine of Azura to the Earth Stone.

MW-icon-map-Guilds.gif Guilds[edit]

These are the guild related locations that have free standing, independent locations visible when zoomed into their relative cities and towns. These were taken from the in game signs where available.

Image Location Type Description
MW-icon-map-Fighters Guild.gif Fighters Guild
MW-icon-map-House Hlaalu.gif House Hlaalu
MW-icon-map-House Redoran.gif House Redoran
MW-icon-map-House Telvanni.gif House Telvanni
MW-icon-map-Imperial Cult.gif Imperial Cult
MW-icon-map-Mages Guild.gif Mages Guild
MW-icon-map-Morag-Tong.gif Morag Tong
MW-icon-map-Thieves Guild.gif Thieves Guild

MW-icon-map-Mine.gif Mines[edit]

The different types of mines found on Vvardenfell. Due to the size of the icon, it is difficult to represent these types and still convey that the location is indeed a mine. Therefore it may be advisable to simply use the default mine icon for each type.

Image Location Type Description
MW-icon-map-Diamond Mine.gif Diamond Mine
MW-icon-map-Ebony Mine.gif Ebony Mine
MW-icon-map-Egg Mine.gif Egg Mine
MW-icon-map-Glass Mine.gif Glass Mine

MW-icon-map-Miscellaneous.gif Miscellaneous[edit]

These are the miscellaneous things that can be found throughout the wilderness such as persistent corpses, creature spawn points, and hidden loot. More diversity may be created where necessary.

Image Location Type Description
MW-icon-map-Blank.gif Blank Can be used temporarily if another icon needs to be made, or can be a foundation for making a new icon.
MW-icon-map-Corpse.gif Corpse A persistant corpse; can be human, creature, or skeleton.
MW-icon-map-Creature.gif Creature Creature den or approximate location of a quest related creature.
MW-icon-map-Door.gif Door Used in towns or interior cells.
MW-icon-map-Loot.gif Loot Any hidden loot; i.e. items found in stumps along the Bitter Coast. Potentially any item without ownership?
MW-icon-map-None.gif None Not sure what it's for, but Oblivion has one...
MW-icon-map-NPC.gif NPC Any NPC or quest related NPCs, including Creeper/Mudcrab Merchant...?
MW-icon-map-Plant.gif Plant/Ingredient Any plant container that can be harvested for ingredients? Potentially unusable due to sheer amount.
MW-icon-map-Temple Shrine.gif Temple Shrine The various shrines located in the wilderness or in tombs.

MW-icon-map-Ruins.gif Ruins[edit]

The various man or mer made ruins found across the land.

Image Location Type Description
MW-icon-map-Ancestral Tomb.gif Ancestral Tomb
MW-icon-map-Barrow.gif Barrow
MW-icon-map-Daedric Ruin.gif Daedric Ruin
MW-icon-map-Dunmer Stronghold.gif Dunmer Stronghold
MW-icon-map-Dwemer Ruin.gif Dwemer Ruin
MW-icon-map-Velothi Tower.gif Velothi Tower

MW-icon-map-Settlements.gif Settlements[edit]

The various settlement types and structures.

Image Location Type Description
MW-icon-map-Ashlander Camp.gif Ashlander Camp From the four major tribes to minor, hostile camps including Mabrigash.
MW-icon-map-Citadel.gif Citadel Ghostgate or Holamayan.
MW-icon-map-City.gif City Balmora, Ald'ruhn, etc...
MW-icon-map-Fort.gif Fort
MW-icon-map-Guard Tower.gif Guard Tower
MW-icon-map-House.gif House
MW-icon-map-Outpost.gif Outpost
MW-icon-map-Telvanni Tower.gif Telvanni Tower
MW-icon-map-Temple.gif Temple
MW-icon-map-Town.gif Town Caldera, Ebonheart, Gnisis, etc...
MW-icon-map-Village.gif Village Hla Oad, Ald Velothi, etc...

MW-icon-map-Shops.gif Shops[edit]

The different services found in each settlement. The icons were taken from the shop’s sign where applicable. More diversity may be created as needed.

Image Location Type Description
MW-icon-map-Alchemist.gif Alchemist/Apothecary Deviating from the in-game symbolism, a simple mortar and pestle could be used.
MW-icon-map-Bookseller.gif Bookseller
MW-icon-map-Clothier.gif Clothier Likewise for a shirt?
MW-icon-map-Enchanter.gif Enchanter A soul gem?
MW-icon-map-Healer.gif Healer
MW-icon-map-Pawnbroker.gif Pawnbroker
MW-icon-map-Slave Market.gif Slave Market
MW-icon-map-Smith.gif Smith A hammer, tongs, or anvil?
MW-icon-map-Spellmaker.gif Spellmaker/Sorceror/Mage
MW-icon-map-Tavern.gif Tavern
MW-icon-map-Trader.gif Trader

MW-icon-map-Transportation.gif Transportation[edit]

The four non-guild ways to travel around Morrowind.

Image Location Type Description
MW-icon-map-Gondolier.gif Gondola
MW-icon-map-Propylon.gif Propylon Chamber
MW-icon-map-Ship.gif Ship
MW-icon-map-Silt Strider.gif Silt Strider

To Do[edit]

• Create alternates for icons that don't work.
• Desaturate a few of the icons that are too golden looking.
• Create new icons for:

•Telvanni Tower(Under Settlements)
•Propylon Chamber (Under Transportation)
•Outpost (Under Settlements)
•Guard Tower (Under Settlements)