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I heard Daggerfall was now free, figured what the hell, let's try it. Played for a couple of hours before the random, huge, and super-confusing dungeons just annoyed me too much. But parts of it I liked.

Played Morrowind GOTY and got to be head of Mage's Guild, Thieves Guild, and was 3/4 of the way through House Hlallu and the main quest. Then the game got so slow and buggy and the loading times between cells so large (especially Balmora and Caldera...the two cities I went to most) that I could not play anymore. This caused much lamentation, because I haven't had as much fun with an RPG since Ultima IV. I hope someday I can find a solution and resurrect my game.

So I Switched to Oblivion. It's not quite as good a game as Morrowind IMHO, for several reasons, but still pretty fun.