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I don't know how to edit this page and make it look cool, so if you can help, message me!

A Little About Me[edit]

I'm a Canadian 18 year old, and i love video games. My all-time favourite game is Oblivion, but i also enjoy the Halo series, Call of duty series, Fallout 3, KoToR 1 and 2, Mass Effect, Mechwarrior, Assassins Creed, Rock Band, Half-Life (and all its mods), and so many more i can't remember right now! I also love Airsoft, and if anyone knows of sites that will ship Airsoft guns to canada, please message me i have a lot of trouble getting a decent gun here.

I mainly play Oblivion, but i have played morrowind as well. I play primarily as a stealthy character and usually enchant my armour so that I am invisible and can jump and explore without being disturbed by enemies. I love finding glitches, easter eggs and most of all, i love JUMPING. I'm also a chapel climber, and a skilled assassin.

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