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Oblivion is a very diverse game, and there are many merchants, weapons, and ruins scattered across the game. However, for every classification included in the game, there is a best and worst of the category. This page aims to organize everything into one easy-to-read table.

Weapon Records[edit]

Most base damage: A tie between the level 30+ version of Nerveshatter, the Bound Sword, and the Perfect Amber Hammer, all with 29.
Least base damage: All of the Replica Weapons have an attack power of 1. Barring that, the Languorwine Blade and Shivering Isle's Fork of Horripilation have a base damage of only 2.
Heaviest: All Daedric Warhammers in the game, whether enchanted or not, all hold the record for heaviest weapon with a value of 93.
Lightest: Except for every single arrow in the game (ranging from .1 to .25), the Fine Iron Dagger and the level 1-4 version of Witsplinter both have a weight of 2.7.
Highest health: The Cursed Mace has 4200 health points.
Lowest health: The Rusty Iron Dagger has only 35 health points.
Highest value: The Daedric Warhammer has the highest value of any non-enchanted weapon, at five thousand gold.
Lowest value: The Rusty Iron Dagger is worth only two gold.

Armor Records[edit]

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