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If anyone wonders how I created maps for Morrowind, here is a short guide for you:

First open the console ( ~ ) and type tfow. This means you have disabled fog of war. Enter the location you would like to make the picture of. Wander about the location, especially in those places where you think the doors to other locations may be. Then do a screenshot (PrtScr). Now go to the place where you screenshots appear (default - the folder with installed game). Open any image editing program, for example Photoshop, and connect all the locations using copy/paste. Save the completed image (you may or may not change the format, it doesn't matter at this stage).

Final Editing[edit]

If you use Photoshop: First, write the locations names, put lines between connecting doors and finally put the new brightness layer (I suggest to put Brightness on +73 and Contrast on +48). Also add any interesting notes or other information on your choice.

Save in .jpg format.


In all, I won't say this method is the best, but I really like it for these things:

  • In-game maps look better for me than CS ones.
  • Possibility to take screenshot of any interesting part of this particular ruin.
  • It's quick (at least for me).
  • Finally, the main thing, is that while taking pictures of the locations, it's once again a chance for you to enjoy this great game.