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Hi, I'm MethodicMockingbird. I've been around the Wiki since Christmas of 2011 when I saw a note on a Skyrim quest (Promises to Keep). I noticed that the note entirely misconstrued the reference of the quest to a certain poet... And so I decided to edit it! However, I decided then also to make myself an account. I had used UESP many times before that moment (I've been an Elder Scrolls fan since Oblivion), and determined that it was time that I started returning the favors that it had done for me.

And so here I am.

More About Me[edit]

I'm male and from the United States; where specifically isn't really important. Also, I don't find it necessary to divulge my age, as it affects nothing UESP-related.

I enjoy writing as one of my major hobbies. I wouldn't say that I love writing, but I'm exceptionally skilled at it and it's hard not to enjoy what you're good at. Apart from that, I've been exposed to numerous kinds of technological jibber-jabber (I'd like to think that I'm a tech whiz, though that's probably not the case), and so I like dabbling in modding (many different games, but primarily Oblivion), Photoshop, various scripts and languages (I'd like to learn C++ someday), and gaming, of course. And then, I'm an avid hockey fan, tennis player, fantasy fiction-reader, and human being. Others, too.

MethodicMockingbird The Editor[edit]

I can usually be found (my edits can, anyway) around the Skyrim and Lore namespaces, due to the fact that:

A. Skyrim is the most recent Elder Scrolls game to be released.

B. Lore tends to have the most unintentionally ambiguous articles.

Fact A will likely change soon, as Dawnguard has been released for the 360 and soon will be for PS3 and PC (I play on PS3 with Skyrim). Until then, I can only make minor grammatical edits in the subspace.

Beyond that, my edits are pretty scattered. I tend to make little fixes, such as linking and redirects, rather than monstrous updates to pages, simply because I lack the patience to sit on one page until it is perfect. However, I do tend to revisit pages and keep a close eye on their progress.

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Current Projects[edit]

  1. Disambiguating pages that lead to redirects.
  2. Adding links to the housings of NPCs and fledging out their minute details.
  3. Updating Morrowind Categories, NPC pages, and Tables.