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About Myself[edit]

Hi everybody! My name is Manu (yeah, in real life too. I know, not so original). I didn't really think about the name, is the nick I've been using since forever on all pages and services that require a registration. This way I can use the "know one, know them all" kind of rule on my usernames. As for my character name, I've always named them the same: Teilen. Is kind of a tradition for me now. It means 'to share' in german (Aww, so cute ♥).

I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. But what really got me into it was the Warcraft saga, which later became World of Warcraft. When I grew tired of WoW, I started trying different games, I went through a Dragon Age phase, a Witcher phase (still reading the books tho), and finally a The Elder Scrolls phase. Though it probably shouldn't be called a 'phase' since I've only played Skyrim.

Like many people in here, I searched for A LOT of info on gameplay and how to do stuff in game before I signed up. But there was one day I found a bug not listed in the pages and thought of start contributing to the site.

Happy gaming!

My Favourite TES Memories[edit]

  • Killing Heimskr. What a joyous day.
  • Killing the only living Adventurer was a sad one tho :(