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Personal Information.[edit]

Name: - Cody Baxter.

Country of Residence: - Canada.
Province of Residence: - Nova Scotia.

--About Me--

I am a avid fan of the ElderScrolls series and have followed it's progress for a number of years, (since before the release of Morrowind) and have collected every single ElderScrolls game, in at least one copy. My favourite is Battlespire which I enjoy for it's mix of RPG and FPS elements which makes it a perfect online "Hack and Roll". And when I came to the UESP wiki and saw the state of the Battlespire section I thought that since no one else was, I must take it into my own hands and keep working at it, though it's been slow I am slowly getting it up to the quality in which I want it. Between life, and other projects I have been learning more and more about formatting a wiki to make it a higher quality section of UESP then it already is! I would have a picture, 'cept there seems to be some problems with the formating so no go... however it's still laying around on the server I do believe.

Wiki Information.[edit]

Purpose at UESP: - To Maintain the Battlespire information.
Current Object: - To learn more aboutformatting a wiki.

Other Wiki Content Contribution - I moderate our forums as 'Magnus'.


I plan on learning how to run a wiki as swiftly and quickly as I can so that I can make my editing better and spend more time on the content then the actual building of the page! So that what I create will not only be dazzling but also quite content filled.

Battlespire Information.[edit]

Battlespire Objective - To complete the walkthrough section.

--I'm doing?--

The Battlespire section is quite, ... empty. There hasn't been much more then the directories list and a few half done attempts at anything within it. I plan to change that! I will make it as nicely setup as say, the Daggerfall or Morrowind section. At least, I hope to eventually! "I'm working on it!"

Internet Relay Chat.[edit]

I am an Operator in #UESPWiki which I enjoy moderating and help any problems you may have! Don't pause to ask me for help, I'll try to the best of my meager abilities to help you as much as I can.

User-userbox-IRC.jpg This user frequently visits the official UESP IRC chatroom.

What do you think of me?[edit]

Leave a comment or two on my talk page! I love responding to anything you have to say about me, I hope it's good!

What I do outside of The Elder Scrolls.[edit]

This is mainly here because I want to add more to my user page! Anywho, I spend quite a bit of time within the Ultima community, mainly with Ultima Online, I'm a huge fan of the series, I like it as much as TES even though it's a bit different! Just for anyone that cares about what I do in Ultima Online; I play on the Origin Systems shard Atlantic. I mainly roleplay a paladin named Demorde, I'm in BoS (Brotherhood of Seekers). [I'm debating if I should make a entire section of my talk-page to Ultima Online. Tell me what you think about it in my feedback!]

I also play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons. And by a lot, I do mean a lot! I play it with friends locally, on the internet, pretty much whenever I can. It's fun, I usually play good characters such as Paladins and Monks since they're the best in my opinion to roleplay. (Considering that most people like to play evilish characters or "conflicted" characters.) It's quite a fun hobby and when the power goes out, you can still play it!

Contacting Me[edit]

You can leave a message on my talk page and send me a PM on the forums, if you need to get in contacting with me quickly your best bet would be to do so in the IRC channel which I try to idle in 24/7, this doesn't mean I'll be active when you are in there -- But it will mean I will attempt to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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