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About Me[edit]

Personal Background[edit]

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Hey Everyone!

My name is Brandon.

I'm a massive video gamer nerd. I'm a big fan of the Elder Scrolls, but I also really like Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age and the ratchet and clank series.

I've been inactive on this site for a while, but I'm hoping to start editing regularly again soon.

If you want to know anything more about me you can always ask!

My Favorites[edit]

Favorite game- Kingdom hearts (Skyrim is a close second)

Favorite movie- The lord of the rings the two towers

Favorite anime- Naruto

Favorite tv show-The walking dead

Favorite Manga- Naruto

Favorite book- Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part 2

Favorite time period- medieval

TES Background[edit]

I started playing TES games with Oblivion after a friend told me about it back in 2007. I didn't believe that it was an actual game at first, but I eventually ended up asking about it at GameStop. After that I ended up getting Skyrim and enjoyed it immensely! I hope to one day get my hands on all of the games. I've played a lot of ESO and I'm really excited to play Legends when it comes out!

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I found UESP a couple years ago while looking for Elder Scrolls lore (I'm a Lorenut) and I've been coming back ever since.

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