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Lod: "Mathies. I wanted to say I'm sorry about what happened to your girl."
Mathies: "That's kind of you, Lod."

Lod: "How's the Corpselight treating you Mathies?"
Mathies: "You know how farming is here, long days and little to show for it."

Tekla: "Leave me alone, Lod."
Lod: "Ah Tekla, you're a pretty little mouse. Or Alright, but if you ever want to leave that old curmudgeon I've got plenty for you to do at Gentle Repose."

Mathies: "Do you ever get tired of long nights at the mill, Zaria?"
Zaria: "Do you ever get tired of the long days on the farm, Mathias [sic]?"
Mathies: "Yes, yes I do."

Bolund: "Hey, Lod, how is the worst farmer in the hold doing?"
Lod: "The Gentle Repose is barren, it was barren the day my father claimed the land and it's barren now."
Bolund: "Sure it is, Lod. Sure it is."

Bolund: "Hey gossip, bring me a drink."
Narri: "Bolund, you're going to die of thirst if you keep calling me that."

Zaria: "The way this war is going you'll soon have plenty of veterans like me to buy drinks."
Valga: "The way this war is going there might not be anyone left to drink soon."

Tekla: "Narri, do you think the war will ever end?"
Narri: "I think the war is just an excuse. If it does end there will be a new reason and a new place."
Tekla: "But what about the banning of Talos worship? Isn't that worth fighting about?"
Narri: "I don't know about you, tekla [sic], but all my prayers are silent and who I pray to is still my own to decide."

Solaf: "Keep them coming and keep them strong, Valga."
Valga: "Will do."

Valga: "Tekla! It's good to see you, girl. How's Dengeir treating you?"
Tekla: "As he should I suppose."
Valga: "Hmmm, well don't take what you don't have to."

Dengeir: "Narri! This mead tastes like water and the meat has gone off."
Narri: "The mead is same as it ever was and the meat is fresh, maybe your sense of taste has "gone off.""
Dengeir: "The impertinence! You never would have talked to me like that when I was Jarl."
Narri: "We had this same argument every week, even when you were Jarl."

Narri: "At some point we should hire Tekla on here. If she could just spend less time serving Dengeir..."
Valga: "I wish I could afford to pay you both, Narri. I really do."