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I got into the Elder Scrolls games with Morrowind, but ironically after Oblivion was released. I found the Game of the Year edition in a bargain bin in 2007 and bought it because I had heard good things about the series. I installed it, played it for a while, but had difficulty enjoying it. I put it away and did not give it much thought.

A year and a half later, I found it again on my shelf and decided to give it another chance. At first I felt the same as before, but after I while it grew on me. And before I knew it, I loved it! Morrowind is definitely an acquired taste, but it is a "taste" you will come to love. It has been pretty much the only game I have played since then.

Recently, I bought Redguard and Oblivion. I have played Oblivion a little so far and enjoyed it, but far to little to give any fair judgement. I cannot seem to get Redguard to work though. I have also tried to play the free download-versions of Arena and Daggerfall, but I have difficulty getting them to run properly.

Other than that, to quote Imsin the Dreamer: "Not much to tell"


I found UESP while playing Morrowind. At first I found it difficult to navigate, but I soon came to find it as an invaluable source of information and it helped me a lot during my Morrowind sessions. I just want to contribute what little I can to the site.


I´m currently working on trying to help improve the NPC documentation of Morrowind. While I can understand that we don´t need to document every inconsequential bandit in the game (although I would not really be against it either), there are still a lot of NPCs that meet the notability criteria that is currently being listed as non-relevant. I will try to find overlooked ones and give them proper articles.