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Hello, I am a very good player when it comes to games like The Elder Scrolls series.I enjoy being a part of UESPwiki. It is my first time being a wiki editer.I am proud that this is the first wiki I joined. I am crazy about the elder scrolls.I play on xbox 360.I am going to be a beta tester for TESonline,for the next-gen Xbox ONE console.When I get the console in the next upcoming months (11/2013→12/2013), I will be able to talk about and edit TESonline articles with pure knowlege about it!For now it can only be the other games.I have played alot of Skyrim and Oblivion;I've also dabbled in both of their DLC,a little bit on Morrowind,Daggerfall,and finally Arena.I did not play Morrowind,Daggerfall, and Arena until Ia got a school project discussing older video game software that made huge impacts on their type of gaming classifications(MMO,RPG,Action,Side-Scrolling games,First-Person Shooter,Simulation,etc. That was when I bought those 3 games (morrowind for Xbox 360 S (updated)(kinect version), Daggerfall & Arena for PC) I will enjoy being a member!!!Jwcway (talk) 19:46, 12 June 2013 (GMT)

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