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I like writing stories every now and then,

But this one is true.

I was an Imperial, a warrior, a Mage and a very social chap. Problem was, I had a bit of a problem remembering the night before. I remembered my name, Jamie. I remembered My race and not much else. Thought I was in a dungeon when I came to. More like the imperial prison.
I could have sworn by Talos that I'd had a fair bit of ale the night before this sudden punshment.
I remembered a brawl, blood and legion soldiers. In the imperial city. Shameful. My own home. Stuck in a jail in Cyrodiil.
There was a Dark Elf taunting me from across the hall. He was old, but had a sharpe tongue, and was very certain that my death was upcoming. Not much time passed before the jail doors could be heard opening, and Emperor Uriel Septim VIII walked to my cell accompanied by his elite bodyguards, the blades.
They opened my cell, and the Emperor recognised me. I was confused, but it seemed the old man was sure of something terrible forthcoming. He said his death would be soon, he could feel it, and let me tag along.
After a few hours of hacking my way through rats and goblins, I met up with the party as they were attacked by assassins. Not soon after the Emperor gave me the Amulet of Kings. I felt a deep evil enter Tamriel. I could feel it...
He was assasinated before my eyes, and the last remaining blade instructed me to go to Weynon Priory, near the city of Chorrol, and give the Amulet to the grandmaster of his order-Jauffre.
I guess I'll do this later. Put too much detail in it.
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