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A little bit about me[edit]

My user name comes from what my friends would call me; a born gambler. People describe me as some one who always has an angle working and as some one who hangs out in the background. Some one from the outside looking in. This is true mainly to my addiction to find unconventional ways to solve problems easier.

I have been playing the elder scrolls since Arena. And as stated above I'm a maverick when it comes to just about anything, so my characters are a little different than you would expect. Unfortunately I don't have any great memory from Arena or Daggerfall. If your looking for advice on that level I can't help you much. However, on Morrowind and Oblivion, I am extremely knowledgeable. More or less on oblivion, but where I really specialize is Morrowind. However on oblivion I'm really good at character creation. If you ever have any questions on character creation or Morrowind in general, I would be happy to help. Just leave your questions on My talk Page

---Please Note: I do have a mild form of Insomnia, which is why you'll see me making edits at all hours of the day.

My Morrowind Characters[edit]

I have had many very successful Morrowind Characters although here are a few of my favorites;

... coming soon

My Oblivion Characters[edit]

also coming soon

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