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My Oblivion Characters[edit]

These three characters are the main characters in my machinima Misfit Mages.

Itaav: A male Imperial Grim [1] born under the Shadow (custom class) who, though not a member of the Dark Brotherhood, is a worshiper of Sithis. As a Grim, it is his duty to escort wandering souls to the afterlife. With this as his sworn duty, he is the natural enemy of Necromancers and the bane of the King of Worms. The life of a grim is a lonely one. Many fear Grims for their supernatural powers. In addition to his ability to capture lost souls, he has the power to change his form temporarily into that of an Ethereal Wraith or a more Demonic form, with all of the benefits and drawbacks. He views Sithis not as an evil entity but as a Death God whom he loyally serves. After releasing the poor souls of some servants of darkness in Bleak Flats Cave he is approached by a Bosmer who can't seem to thank him enough. Itaav returns to Skingrad with Erthor and as a thank you he is given a full membership to the Mages Guild. It is here at the Arcane University that Itaav makes his first friends since he took up his profession, the only Orc in the Guild and a High Elf who thinks he is one of the last Ayleids. Itaav is currently living in an inn near the city. He can stay there as long as he likes for free after restoring a town to a more productive state (he was following the rumors of a haunted town and was going to perform his duties as a Grim.) He fights with a combination of Transformation Spells and a Silver Dagger and never uses armor.

Lum gro-Bol: As you may have guessed from the name, he is a male Orc. What you may not have guessed is he is a Warlock in the Mages Guild and an accomplished Sorcerer. In fact, he is the only Orc in the Mages Guild. The cousin of Bugak gro-Bol, Lum grew up in Leyawiin and was subject to the stereotype that all Orcs were dumb as a stump and are just a larger version of goblins. He is a childhood friend of a Khajiit Alchemist by the name of S'drassa. One day the mage made a request to his friend to obtain some rare crystals for his collection. The first step of his quest, obtaining Refined Frost Salts, Lum discovers the Arcane University and fell in love. From that day forward he put everything he had into joining and rising in the guild. Even though he spends most of his time at the University in the Imperial City he still maintains his home in Leyawiin. It is, however, mostly used as storage. He is put in charge of looking after the two newest members of the University, a anti-social Imperial and an Altmer that claims to be a member of the Ayleid race. In spite of the fact that he owns his own home, he stays most of the time in the Mage's Quarters. He fights