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Baked Goods[edit]

Banana Bread is known to be eaten by the Khajiit.[1]


Elsweyr Fondue

Elsweyr Fondue, as its name suggests, is a fondue (melted cheese) produced by the Khajiit, with this being one of their more savory recipes compared to their normally sweet recipes. Some Khajiit also include moonsugar in the recipe.

Fruit and Vegetable Dishes[edit]

Baby Carrots in Moonsugar Glaze can often be found cooking over the fires of Khajiit traders in their camps. Like many Khajiit dishes it uses moonsugar, but this particular recipe approximates the flavors of the sugar without any of its addictive side effects.

Banana Pilaf is a rice dish that has banana as one of its main ingredients.

Couscous is a type of steamed millet, with the Khajiit being known to use carrots as one of the ingredients in it.[2]

Spanakopita is a savory pie filled with spinach and cheese, with the Khajiit adding apples to the recipe.[3]

Meats and Fish[edit]

Banana-Bunny Hash is a type of hash made from the meat of rabbits and with bananas.[4]

Sweet-Glazed Fish Bits

Soups and Stews[edit]

Baandari Mutton Stew[edit]

Baandari Mutton Stew



The Khajiit use a variety of spices, including:

  • Matcha
  • Moonsugar
  • Saffron
  • Turmeric


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