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Me Me Me Meme[edit]

A history and myth nerd from the land of kalevala (Finland :) ). Love the elder scrolls series, especially the lore and backround of tamriel. The influences of Runequest & Glorantha in Tamrielic mythos are there and probably one of the reasons I like Tesc games so much. Morrowind with its alien, yet believable cultures and surroundings got me hooked and bad.

How and why I got here[edit]

The mystery of the dwarves... the different versions of the birth of the world etc. A complex world with lots of shades of gray and no easy answers. Skyrim and the civil war is a great expample of this kind of storytelling. I started with Morrowind and UESP was such a great tool for lore and the game that I have to give something back. :)