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About me[edit]

You can call me Griff, 24 years old, a casual gamer, really. I enjoy free-roaming games for the exploring aspect. I tend to play games in a fantasy setting, so I naturally enjoy TES. I mainly play Oblivion but I also own Morrowind and its expansions. I own all Oblivion DLC except The Fighter's Stronghold.

Gameplay habits[edit]

I am first and foremost a stealth player, usually using ranged attacks and poisons to best the enemy. Currently I play a custom-class Argonian named Stumbles-On-Rocks. He is a stealth fist fighter with limited Blunt abilities and he has so far mastered five skills[Hand to Hand, Sneak, Armorer, Alchemy and heavy Armor.] He's a bit different from my usual character but I am enjoying my play with him so far.

Progression and possessions[edit]

On my current character, I have so far finished the questlines of the Mages Guild and the Thieves Guild, as well as the Arena. I have started the Main Quest, Shivering Isles main Quest, the Dark Brotherhood questline and the Fighters Guild questline. My current weapon of choice is Duskfang/Dawnfang. I use Heavy Armor with 80% Chameleon and some Detect Life. I also use a [cosmetically] modded version of the unique Glass helmet, Fin Gleam.

Fave raiding places[edit]

Favorite places for me to raid are Ceyatatar, the Temple of the Ancestor Moths, Greenmead Cave and Rockmilk Cave. I also enjoy cleaning out Cadlew Chapel once in a while, and scouring the first few levels of Sundercliff Watch.


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