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Practical, yet stylish. Like a Colovian Fur Helm. My writing isn't always, though.

I am also active in the classic gaming scene, and need to spend some time working on The Contra H.Q.

I mod some Forums on Forumplanet, /castlevania and /gamespy. My IRC 'base' is: #bentest and #cv (in mIRC: /join #bentest,#cv)

Finally, I'm getting the hang of this Wiki thing.

Comprehensive works[edit]

April 19, afternoon
I've been quiet for a while - busy writing some scholarly articles, running a moderator election on GameSpy Forums, etc. My new computer also has gone crazy; I believe I bought an underpowered power supply for it. That'll teach me. Waiting to get that fixed up.

I wrote a topic in the newly-opened Fallout 3 General Forums. It's amazing how much hate there is for Bethesda. We'll be sitting here laughing and smiling while enjoying one of the next candidates for Game of the Year when it's released, and they'll just have a lukewarm bucket of hate, I suppose. What a waste.

I later wrote another topic with a poll asking people if they were worried about the direction the game is taking - and if so, why. Pretty interesting results thus far! Also, it seems I've been away from Wiki long enough that I forgot that break tags are needed for single-spaced lines. D'oh...

March 30, evening
Transcribed some notes:

Still wish to double-check some of the other books. User Lordbrian3 added a TON of books quite quickly, which is really impressive (but I think they need to be checked carefully - just a little while and everything will be set up). Thanks for all the help!
I am also working on some articles, including rewrites to M'aiq's page (that has been bugging me for a while; I tried not to change some of the language because I felt it added significant character to the article), a big rewrite to the quest Work is Never Done, and other random stuff.

March 30, morning
Transcribed a large number of the books in the Shivering Isles today. Along with The Predecessors, which I completed with the help of TheRealLurlock yesterday (and whom helped out further today), I transcribed the following works:

March 29

  • Bought Shivering Isles yesterday at roughly noon (turns out they had a good number of copies in stock). The staff at the game store I've gone to always ask if I want to preorder something - didn't get that years ago, but I imagine the policy is that you get a commission on grabbing a preorder...Didn't get to play it until early this morning, and even then I wasn't in a rush for some reason. So far I have only killed one critter in the Isles, a Grummite. I used Fraps to transcribe a book, The Predecessors, into our library! I also took a minute to re-order these entries so the newest one is on top.

Also, Shivering Isles was stuttering a little, but I realized that I had left a torrent program up and running (oops!)

I have not given up on Tribunal, but it is going to wait for a while. There's a lot of projects competing for my time in the leadup to April 1st, and I can't allow writing Tribunal articles to be one of them.

March 25

  • Official again! Yes, I just found out there was a patch out two days ago. Oh me! Hilarious patch note of the day:
Fixed issue where stolen items would lose their stolen status if the player character was female.

It's time to start up a new game. I am using in-game settings tweaking and a few manual INI tweaks; as recommended by [[1]] I am again changing a few settings in the INI file (namely uInterior Cell Buffer=16 , uExterior Cell Buffer=102 , and the multithreading tweaks. Also re-installing Knights of the Nine. A few more days until Shivering Isles comes out - it's really nice to see that Bethesda is taking things seriously and not simply forcing users to buy the expansion pack to fix issues - of course, that's no change from their track record, where fixes were available to all players (including those who did not buy Tribunal or Bloodmoon).

  • Oops: Make sure you uninstall all your mods before reinstalling Oblivion. I also found that I needed to run Setup.exe off the Oblivion disc to get rid of the new install of Oblivion (before I could re-install the game...bit of a mess there).
  • I'll say it so nobody else can lay claim: Stuttering Isles. :P I expect it to play just fine. However, I still need to figure out if I can't get the game to run better when more than a few characters appear at once (i.e. massive problems in Frostcrag Spire's vault, or when fighting three monsters whom summon minions).

March 24

  • Break from Tribunal, went for Oblivion. Big rewrite of Zero Visibility quest. See talk page for stuff I remain keen to find out.

March 21

  • Working on Tribunal articles now. Previous authors included many tables with information that should be stored elsewhere.

March 18, 2007

  • Comprehensive overhaul of Meet Sul-Matuul quest page. Added details on undead inhabitants, treasure (with locations), and more. I consider the article essentially finished, but if you have any information on disposition and the ashlander tribe, I beg you to add it in as that is one failing of my article. I also did not locate "magic arrows and a mage's staff" mentioned in a previous version of the article.