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I recall the story of the recovery of the Battlespire as it was told to me by the son of Old Chimere, these many years ago. How the legions of daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon overran the spire aided by betrayal. How a young hero from obscure origins entered the Battlespire, proving ground and testing facility for the shadow legion, the imperial guard, and finding his test was more than he bargained for. Thinking this was only a harmless test of his skills, he enters the spire through the pillar of light and finds a hell created by the betrayal of the legion and the perfidy of Jagar Tharn, arch-traitor to the empire. And so our story begins...

Having distinguished yourself in preliminary tournaments, you have been chosen to travel to Battlespire for further testing. By the immemorial custom of the candidate's challenge, your choice of arms, armor, and equipment is strictly limited. You have little time to prepare, so choose wisely among the skills, spells, disciplines, and equipment you will polish to the highest level before you are teleported to Battlespire.




--- Each Tamrielan culture is known for its distinctive abilities in certain skills and disciplines. Each race receives bonuses for various skills. To review a description of each race and its associated skill bonuses, click on the race and read the text on the scroll below. When you've chosen a race, click "Done" to continue.


[race selection page]


Click on the metallic arrows to review the different appearances of hair, eyes, and mouth available, or click on the "Randomize Face" button to automatically create an appearance.---



NEW PLAYERS For a quick start, select the Spellsword or Battlemage from the Existing Class option. These classes feature well-balanced (lol) mixtures of fighting, athletic, and spellcasting skill, with appropriate attribute scores and equipment.

EXPERIENCED PLAYERS Build a New Class, or experiment with the various Existing Classes, or select an Existing Class as a model, then fine-tune the attrubutes, skills, and equipment. See the Manual for a full treatment of character classes and character design.




(if Existing Class) Choose from one of 18 Existing Classes provided. If you have created your own new Classes, they appear here for your selection. [If you are a new player, try the Battlemage or Spellsword classes. For details and descriptions of all 18 Existing Classes, review your Manual.]

CHOOSE CLASS (class list)


Existing Character Classes: With an Existing Character Class, all attributes, skills, scores, spells, equipment, magic items, and advantages and disadvantages have already been selected for you. Start play immediately with this character, or change any or all of the values or items if you wish, but all changes are subject to the 5000-point Build Point Limits for new characters.

The maximum starting skill score is 60. The maximum starting attribute score is 75. Attributes and skill scores may be increased as they are used in gameplay or by spending build point awards after completing a level.

You may change the current Existing Class and save it under a new name. Click in the Class Name field [top left], enter a name, and press "Enter." Then click on "Save" to save your new Existing Class for later use.

To begin gameplay, click on "Done."


- Spells


Review the spells available and their build point costs in the scroll at top right. The cost listed is for Build Points, not Spell Points necessary to cast the spell. Each spell is associated with a school of magic. Higher skill scores in associated schools of magic make spells cheaper to cast and more effective.

  • D=Destruction
  • A=Alteration
  • I=Illusion
  • R=Restoration
  • T=Thaumaturgy
  • M=Mysticism


- Equipment

Wise warriors outfit with a primary weapon in your best weapon skill and a suit of armor -- helmet, cuirass, gauntlets, pauldrons, greaves, and boots. If the point cost of a complete suit of armor seems too dear, you must settle for a few good pieces. Those with good missile skills may want to include a boy or crossbow, and MUST get a supply of arrows.


- Magic Items

Review the magic items available and the descriptions. The origin and powers of many items are shrouded in mystery, however, and many descriptions are not particularly helpful. In general, potions provide a single use of a spell, regardless of the skill of the user or his current spell point score. Other magic items may provide several uses of a spell, or may confer skill advantages when equipped, or may confer advantages or disadvantages, or any combination of these effects.

[Note that Healing items restore lost wound points, while Magica Resartus items restore expended spell points. The legendary names of other artifacts may provide some clue to their virtues.]