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"In the smoky catacombs beneath the city where Sotha Sil forged the future with his arcane clockwork apparatus, something unforeseen happened. An oily bubble seeped from a long trusted gear and popped. Immediately, the wizard's attention was drawn to it and to the chain that tiny action triggered. A pipe shifted half an inch to the left. A tread skipped. A coil rewound itself and began spinning in a counter direction. A piston that had been thrusting left-right, left-right, for millennia suddenly began shifting right-left. Nothing broke, but everything changed.
'It cannot be fixed now,' said the sorcerer quietly." — 2920, Evening Star

The Real Me[edit]

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Home City Leyawiin
House Greyland
Race Redguard Gender Female
Level 12 Class Agent
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Available Whenever awake
Training Speechcraft, Sneak, Security
Other Information
Health 1200 Magicka 100
Responsibility 20 Aggression 50
Faction(s) Goblin Jim's tribe, Escaped Prisoner, Peryite Faction, Bravil Skooma Den faction


Hello, my name's Maddi. I'm twelve years old and a sophomore in high school (confusing, I know.) I discovered the Elder Scrolls about a year and a half ago, when my cousin was hooken on it. I didn't really pay much attention to it, and forgot about it for six months until I saw it in Best Buy for the PC. I bought it, thinking I wouldn't really like it and intending to sell it to my cousin for a higher price (yeah, I'm a horrible person), but I tried it out and fell in love. About six months later, I saw Morrowind GOTY in a store and bought it, relying on the fact that it would be as good as Oblivion. Guess what? It was. Now I play both regularly, and I adore them. I am looking into finding a copy of the older games, but I don't know where to look, so my hopes aren't very high on that regard.

My Characters[edit]

Farquarl, a Redguard D'jinni was born to illegitimate parents in Cyrodiil, and was imprisoned for reasons unknown. Caught up in a plan to conquer all of Cyrodiil, she blasted her way through the storyline (with some hesitation at Miscarcand), promptly saving the world from Mehrunes Dagon. After the celebrity lifestyle got boring, she ran away to Morrowind, where she is became a key player on the way to fufilling the Nerevarine Prophecies. She specializes in both blade and blunt, and wears mainly medium armor. She is tackling Kogoruhn.. -Oblivion Level 11, Morrowind Level 7-

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Ny'ama, a Dunmer assassin, was an illegal slave in Elsweyr for fourteen years, until she made her bloody escape to Cyrodiil, where she was contacted by the Dark Brotherhood. She regrets nothing about her shady past; in fact, she has gotten so used to the harsh slavery that she can't feel anything except for anger and bloodlust, which makes her the perfect assassin. That is, until she was forced to kill the only people she ever loved. That experience drove her feelings further into her head, and she only showed any emotion around Lucien Lachance. However, when she killed the High Elf Ungolim, found the traitor, and witnessed the traitorous Matheiu Bellamont murder the Black Hand, what little empathy she had was destroyed. Lucien Lachance was dead, all her family at the Sanctuary was dead, and her life as she had come to accept it was destroyed. She killed him in one strike and accepted her post as Listener with a heavy heart. She has never learned to love anyone except for Lucien Lachance and the original inhabitants of the Sanctuary.

Read her (incomplete) story here. -Oblivion Level 10-

OB-icon-Dark Brotherhood-Listener.png This user is a Listener in the Dark Brotherhood.

De'shante, a Khajiit warrior, bashed his way through the Fighters Guild. Already the Grand Champion of the Arena, he worked with Modryn Oreyn to eliminate the Blackwood Company. He is immune to frost, after finding a couple choice enchantments on some Blackwood Company Guards. After eliminating a Skooma dealer, he claimed Greyland for his own, and lives there comfortably, despite his riches. He finds the Adoring Fan entertaining, and he prefers heavy armor and blunt weapons. He raids marauder lairs in his free time. He is currently working on becoming an Expert in Heavy Armor.-Oblivion Level 12-

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Shows-His-Scales, an Argonian thief, flew through the Theives Guild like a bullet, to come at a screeching halt at the prospect of actually having to fight people. Making it through the Temple of the Ancestor Moths only because of his high Sneak skill and a conveinently placed Dark Welkynd Stone, he is currently staring at the hidden door in Castle Bravil, pondering weather he will be able to trick conjurers, and suspecting they might be a BIT harder to trick than aging, blind monks. -Oblivion Level 12-

Sa'Shan, an Altmer mage, shows promise at her craft of magic, which is apparent to even Arch-Mage Traven. Beautiful and ambitious, she is a dangerous foe. The only thing stopping her from rising as quickly to the top as he did is her badly-hidden fear of zombies. -Oblivion Level 12-

My Mods[edit]

Cadlew Chapel Refurbished- The quaint little chapel in Niben Bay, overrun by necromancers, is now restored! My first mod, and even though it's very very very basic, I love it! -finished-

Lorkmir's House Refurbished- The skooma den of the Imperial City needed a makeover. I came to fufill that wish. A very simple mod as well. -in progress-

Vampire Lair- Ever since reading about the unfinished quest that made the Oak and Crosier basement music dungeon music, I have wanted to do this. I need to learn a lot more about the Construction Set before I finish it, though. -in progress-

Juard Farm- My first mod made from scratch! This mod plops down a cozy little farmhouse on the banks of the Waterfront, looking over the Imperial City. -finished-

Imperial City Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary- I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I added a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary to the Market District Sewers. I just need to finish furnishing the walls and get the AI's of the new NPCs set up. It also adds a pretty beastly new weapon. -in progress-


Experiment Log No.1- Argonian Mission

Experiment Log No.2- To-Do List


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