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I'm spending time on UESP working on Daggerfall, mostly looking at the hacking information.

Outside of here, I'm working on making fixes for various bugs/mistakes in the game. The fixes are available on my site:

Daggerfall Tool Repository

I also collect Daggerfall hacking tools and information. Perhaps you'll find some of the tools/knowledge I have there useful or have something to contribute :)

-- DelphiSnake.

Patches available on my site as at 21 Nov 2011:[edit]

  • Ebony Blade inventory graphics
  • Wayrest Dark Elves
  • Castle Llugwych fix

Patches completed but not yet packaged for download[edit]

  • Glenmoril witches now consistently "-oril" -- "-morial" removed
  • Br'itsa no longer incorrectly present in gem stores

Patches under development[edit]

  • More fixes for FACTION.TXT (still working on it!).
  • Cleaning up more misplaced NPCs