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Welcome to my place, I'm Dave. Good to meet you! I'll do my best to edit properly and not get in the way or offend anyone.

About Me[edit]

I'm a 27 y/o living in the state of Denial, and really enjoying it here! I love RPG's and Oblivion, to me, is one of the best I've ever experienced.

My Characters[edit]

While perusing the Recent Changes page, I noticed that Nephele, one of the Admins, had listed her Oblivion characters. I'm taking a page from her book and doing that for myself here.

Eldafire: An Altmer blessed by the sign of the Apprentice, brought up as a Mage in the Summerset Isles. She had it easy in life because of her upbringing by powerful mages. After an attack by Mannimarco, she became de-facto leader of the Mages Guild and has been ever since. (My first character, I slid the difficulty bar all the way to Easy and focused solely on the Mages Guild.

Shadowscale: A Shadow-blessed Argonian, with a custom class of Shadowscale. Born in Argonia and kidnapped by unknown beings, his one goal in life was to set right this wrong by joining up with the Dark Brotherhood. Arrested while performing a ritual to the Night Mother, by was thrown in prison, only to be set free the next day. He has recently come into possession of Deepscorn Hollow, a lair left to him, and has taken up residence therein.

Rolf the Uber: A Nord nobleman born under the sign of the Warrior. Born and raised in Skyrim, he was arrested on a trumped up charge while trying to enter Cyrodiil and thrown into the Imperial Prison.

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