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I'm currently 16 years old living in Northwestern Ontario Canada, I am an avid scholar,thinker,musician,poet,and metalhead. My obsession with TES started in my very early teens and preteens when I borrowed Morrowind from a friend. To this day Morrowind is my Number One Favourite game and I have played extensivley and really enjoy every game bethesda had released in relation to the franchise. In my circle of friends and TES fans I am considered the most knowledgable about Nirn History, Demographics, Geography, and Polotics. My favourite cultures in the game would have to be Nord`s clan structure or the great House system of early Chimer-Recent Dunmer.

I avidly await TES5 because I am eager to see how Bethesda will portray post-Oblivion Crisis Tamriel and I am curious as to the fate of the Empire and all the Septims have worked for over the In-world Centuries. I am disturbed by rumours in Oblivion that say that Certain Provinces will be ceceding from the empire, House Redoran and Indoril are in ruin, Ald`ruhn has been destroyed ect ect.

I have a facebook, David derrick Gervais and a Youtube page:http: //

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