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I'm Darklocq, primarily an OpenMW user (I'm on a Mac most of the time). I'm set to receive an e-mail if you leave a post on my talk page. I am not some famous modder or pro-gamer, just a random player. I'm also an experienced wiki editor, and MediaWiki template (script) and CSS coder, for about 12 years now.

I really, really like using mods (especially companions, gear, monsters, and landmasses), and have been doing a lot of testing for OpenMW compatibility. I have modded some mods (e.g., by using OpenMW-CS to identify compile error with "Verify", then fixing them). Later produced a couple of minor mods of my own for OpenMW. In 2018, I started developing some stuff for Oblivion, by running TES4 Construction Set and TES4Edit in a VM; may try that approach for Morrowind as well, so I can make mods usable by OpenMW and by the original Bethesda engine.

I'm also the same username at and at, as well as other TES-related sites. Morrowind is my favorite in the series, by a long way. I've also been a player of Skyrim (my first TES game). I prefer the game mechanics and feel of MW, though Skyrim looks fantastic. I'm working through Oblivion now; I have very mixed feelings about it, especially that horrible inventory/container UI, and the frequency of crashes, and the lack of ability to wear clothes and armor at the same time, and ....

— Darklocq  ¢ 17:23, 19 February 2017 (UTC)

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