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About Me[edit]

Hi! I am DaemonLion. I am a huge but rather passive fan of The Elder Scrolls franchise. I've played many an hour of Morrowind, Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls Online. My interests specialise in the Dwemer, Khajiit, Imeprial, and Breton races as well as the early history of the Elder Scrolls universe.

I first got into The Elder Scrolls series when I was given a copy of Morrowind in 2010 which I have played through several times since then, having completed the main questline, the Mages Guild questline, the Morag Tong questline, and the Imperial Legion questline, as well as countless side quests. In 2012 I bought Skyrim (thrice, don't ask) which I have also played extensively. In 2014 I was gifted a copy of Oblivion however I have only played enough to finish the Mage's Guild questline as well as the Fighter's Guild and the Main Questline. I have played ESO somewhat in 2014-2016 (and hopefully will play some more this year) and have played a total of 92 hours (The furthest I've gotten is Greenshade in the Aldmeri Dominion).