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Hi guys. Im Dan. Im 15, From Wales and male. And not too familiar with editing a wiki.

I have some (but limited) Knowledge on Oblivion, its Expansions and Morrowind and its Expansions.

I am a Frequent user of this site as i find it very useful. I Use Oblivion on both PC and Xbox and Morrowind on PC.

I dont know why i created this account as i have absolutely no idea of how to edit a wiki or any webpage for that matter. So if you have some spare time and are available when i am, then your help would be greatly appreciated.

I am not often online. I have a reasonably hectic life. Even though most of it is spent in my house.

Anyway thanks for reading this. I go everywhere under the same username so feel free to message me. But quote where you saw me first, or i might get confused. Or scared.

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