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Filling in the gaps, one at a time.

Current Projects[edit]

- Contraband items: pics and qualities. I apologize in advance for spamming the recent edits page- I scan individual screenshots for info and add them accordingly. (DONE)

- Safebox locations: Will try my best to document all the precious shinies lying around. (vanilla zones: DONE, Wrothgar, Hew's Bane, Gold Coast WIP)

- Guard writeups: Someone else may have to do the pictures. (DONE)

- Boss, humanoid and generic monster health and level info (wip) (DONE) (templatified by wizards)

- Writ board/ delivery locations and writ rewards (including inspiration amounts). Writ box items may be considered. (DONE)

- Unique loot and locations (DONE, as I'm not going to do the cyro items.)

- Create sandbox to store combat info regarding humanoid NPCs (DONE)

- Get invite to UESP NA PC guild (DONE)

- Revamp set pages (major WIP) (format change done) (all sets added, need to change to update 9 for most) (need to add DB sets) (DONE)

- Add recent prov recipes. (DONE)

- Add boss locations to dungeon maps (like the delve maps). (DONE)

- Combat info for enemies (major wip)

- Trial maps (DONE)

- Update 11 styles (DONE)

- Update 11 sets (DONE)

- Update 11 dungeon info/combat/monsters/maps (DONE)

- Rewrite entire set page family due to upheaval in update 12. (DONE)

- Update 12 styles (DONE)

- Update 12 dungeon/quest/craglorn/pledge info (WIP)

- Quest/NPC dialogue recording (WIP)

- Gif recording? enemy vids? (WIP, have recording tools but not sure how to make it look nice.)

- Delve maps. Boss and skyshard info as basic info. (WIP)

- Update Vvardenfell pages. (WIP)

- Vvardenfell sets/styles (DONE)

- Transfer info from my screenshots to wiki (WIP)

- Faction pages

- Get dungeon/trial monster info (not just various X)



Terrible at formatting and coding.

That is all.

With the coming semester my time left for editing will decrease dramatically. Will try to be active though :D