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About Me[edit]

Hi there! I'm Cole, I'm a longtime fan and player of the Elder Scrolls series of games. The first game I played was Morrowind when I was little. However, what truly sparked my interest in the series was playing Oblivion. Since then I have played all the main titles, and continue to be amazed by the incredible depth and lore of the series. I have been absent from the site for a good deal of time, as there has been no recent developments to the Elder Scrolls series, aside from ESO, if you count that as the Elder Scrolls. But, in preparation for the next Elder Scrolls title, I have returned to jump on top of all the new lore and adventures that are sure to follow. I look forward to contributing to the overall well being of the most accurate and rich Elder Scrolls wiki once more.

“I was in the chess club”- Todd Howard

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