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Basic Info[edit]

  • Name: Jessica
  • Age: 25
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Occupation: working full time retail until I find a 'real' job.
  • MSN:
  • Blog: My LiveJournal (friends only)
  • Elder Scrolls games played: Oblivion, on XBox 360.

Extended Info[edit]

I'm an eX-Final Fantasy junkie who has finally seen the light of the Elder Scrolls. I still love Final Fantasy, but the ending of the Main Quest is the best ending to an RPG I have experienced yet. It took me a while to get over the "freakiness" of a first-person game, but I'm feeling much more confident, now. Recently I've really gotten into the role playing that the game facilitates far more than anything in Final Fantasy could. Considering I never thought I'd like this game (it's the truth!), I think I'm enjoying it more than my boyfriend, who actually owns the console and the game.

Why I Joined the Wiki[edit]

I saw a typo one night on the Janus Hassildor page and decided it was my sworn duty to remove it. I am still an Oblivion rookie, I have so much to learn with potion and spell creation, not to mention how to be sneaky, that I don't really trust myself (yet) to be able to give good advice on how to complete the game. Ultimately I'd like to learn wiki templating, but in the meantime I am just a petty editor.

Current Characters[edit]


A level 35 Nord female, born under the sign of the the Lady and of a custom class. Definitely a typical "beginner" character, her main talents are Blade and Block with dabblings in Speechcraft and Mercantile. Master of the Fighter's Guild, Champion of the Arena, and of course Champion of Cyrodiil, but deemed too clumsy for Thieves' Guild, too thick for Mage's Guild, and just too damn loud for the Dark Brotherhood. Oh well! When she was not making her weekly engagements at the Arena, she was clearing out caves and Ayleid Ruins for loot to line her pockets with gold. Jessica is generally retired, now. She owns a house in Bruma (of course), Cheydinhal, and Benirus Manor, and has decided she has enough gold to be comfortable for a very long time. She enjoys taking long, long hikes through Cyrodiil and Blackwood finding all the caves and ruins she can to mark on her map that she might pass down one day. However, she still makes sure to give orders to the Fighter's Guild every month, but is definitely enjoying getting the most sleep she's ever had since escaping the Imperial Prisons.


Luli is a level 10 Bosmer female, born under the sign of the Thief, again of a custom class. While typical Bosmer do not have much use or need for Destruction magic, well, it's possible that her penchant for chucking fireballs is what landed her in Imperial Prison...She also enjoys Illusion, Alteration, Alchemy, and tip-toeing around (i.e. Sneak). Sometimes she likes to wear fur armour because it makes her feel closer to the wild animals of Cyrodiil, but while in town she enjoys comfortable civilian garb. She would rather chase and play with horses than ride them, so she stubbornly will walk everywhere -- though when she discovered she could swim from Bravil to Leyawin, she was in the water sooner than I could say "leave your armour on". That's right, she took a dip in the drink in her birthday suit. I couldn't help but tell her "told you so" when a bandit started firing arrows at her from the river bank. Currently she is finishing retrieving recommendations for the Arcane University, feeling as though her strange magickal talents should be used for good rather than landing her in jail...