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Generic Intro[edit]

Resident of Vvardenfell since 2002.

I'm a heavy roleplayer, stuck on XBox for the time being. In the past I've played extensively on PC, and have seen the best and worst of Morrowind both with and without mods. I have only a couple of months experience with Oblivion (incl. official addons on XBox 360) which I no longer have access to, and my attention still remains focused on Morrowind.

I play a few characters, some of which are several years old. I've recreated some of them when playing on PC, in which case they may be vastly different from their XBox iterations. Some of my characters aren't intended to be the Nerevarine but I play through the main quest anyway to advance the game, since my options are limited on the XBox. I just roleplay around it, usually by assuming "this is 'alternate universe' Character X" or some other horrific cop-out that no one else would accept. Hey, I do my best with what I've got.

On PC, however, I usually build my own homes and spend far more time customizing than playing. I go for deep immersion in my characters' lives.

I often draw my characters and write about them, but I'm not prepared yet to show much. Especially since my biggest project is on a hard drive that I currently can't access. Sigh. However, I do intend to make my writing available at some point.

I'll add info about my characters here sometime, when I have something interesting to say about them. Right now I just feel a boring list coming on.