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User-userbox-Morrowind.gif This user is knowledgeable about Morrowind.

You play an elf, don't you?[edit]

Why yes, I do. I tend to be dark elves. And...I dunno...I like it. Anyways, more normal stuff about me: I'm an average(ish) 20 something female. The amount I like Elder Scrolls far exceeds my ability to play the games. I'm snarky and rude at times, and quite sarcastic. As long as you don't go all "ong lyk h3y" at me, I'll attempt to be civil ^^.

The games I play[edit]

Alas, mostly Morrowind, seeing as my computer is fail and cannot support Oblivion and I have not a XBox 360. I've got the game of the year edition, so I have Tribunal and Bloodmoon too, but I tend to stay and die Vvardenfell.

You want to talk to me?[edit]

Suit yourself: AIM: Born Elf MSN: (email and IM)