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I am the Speaker for the Black Hand.I am very good for help on Dark Brotherhood quests and im good at Shivering Isles,Knights of the Nine and Oblivion.If you need help pls go to my talk page.

Members of the Black Hand[edit]

  • Listener (Ungolim)
  • Speaker (J'Gasta)
  • Speaker (Arquen)
  • Speaker (Alval Uvani)
  • Speaker (Lucien Lachance)

(This is before you murdered some of them)

Visit Oblivion:Dark Brotherhood for more info. My favourite Quest for DB is Whodunit?.Ther is many ways to eliminate the guests.

If you like fanfiction Puddle is doing a audition for characters for a post-Oblivion crisis about Argonian Hatchlings being taken by Morrowind Mages.Its cool you guys should check it out. --Black Hand Speaker 02:35, 12 April 2008 (EDT)

My Character[edit]

  • Name = Leemarkiis
  • Race = Argonian
  • Gender = Male
  • Level = 45
  • Class = Assassin
  • Health = 200
  • Magicka = 200
  • Essential = Yes
  • Factions = Dark Brotherhood (Speaker),

Info about me[edit]

My real name is Luke.I live in Australia.I play Oblivion and SI,KotN on the Xbox.Im new here and I only got KotN and SI a week ago.Im still mastering the game.

Black Hand Speaker (00000000)
["Black Hand Speaker"]
Added by Mod Real Life
Home City Brisbane Oz
House Luke's House
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 14 Class Ginger Ninja
Available Paid Assassin
Other Infomation
Health 150
Magicka 410
Respons. Some not much Aggress. Quite a bit
Essential Always Cause Im Invicible
Faction(s) Oblivion Players; Players who hate the Nine Divines; ;People who wear Glasses; Nerds ;Cool People
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