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Hey everyone

User-Bensp12-Mycharacter.jpg User-Bensp12-Mycharacter2.jpg left are my character Pics ( Ruphius Flame only)

Im 21 years old, living in South yorkshire, UK. I like to post certain locations of my interest, and to help people out, I will never attempt to delete anyones pages, as they are all usefull. I basically just like to play. The above pictures are my current character at lvl 22. I also have a lvl 54 dunmer names Benjy. On my current character,I am a Nord, and I have completed EVERY quest in game, including all the expansions and addons, I have every house, and every upgrade. On my lvl 54, I have 7 master skills, and the rest expert. I would say I am definetely an experienced player.

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My Places[edit]

Please check my places listed below, My Dungeon/ looting list can help you raise lots of money if you are interested.

My Dungeon/looting list here.
Other Favourite places here

My Oblivion Characters[edit]

Ruphius Flame: My current character,is a respected level of 22, also a nord, but looks a bit like an high elf, under the birthsign of the warrior, and a custom class, similar to Warrior class, but with a few lighter skills. I have had this character over 2 months now, and have managed to complete the quests of every faction in cyrodil, but not yet the shivering isles, but ruphius have completed KotN. With a fame of 125, Ruphius is well respected by everyone CPU in game, apart from those who are enemy. Ruphius spends most his time travelling to Rockmilk Cave and eliminating the resistance inside, then to takeall the loot i can and sell it. Ruphius is currently on 47 thousand septims, and have just bought every house in game. Ruphius also spends alot of time travelling to all the major citys, other than the imperial city, and wiping out every guard in the city. I have a hobby with him to take all guard helmets off guards I kill, and store them all in a huge coffin in benirus manor basement, however this overflowed a long time ago, and i can barely get into tomb area of the basement anymore. I also enjoy takeing Ruphius out to adventure and discover new places, especially in Blackwood, which i beleive is the most attractive area in cyrodil (my opinion only). Ruphius has completed the main quest line also, and now is a good fighter to have, and a good moneymaker, he has 2 master skills in blade and security, and an expert in heavy armour. He is my favourite. And the only one of my characters to never go into jail.

Benjy: A level 54 dunmer, under the birthsign of Knight. He is my oldest character, and my highest leveled character, unlike my other characters, i spent all the time on default difficulty. Although i spend no time on benjy now, he was a good character to have. The only reason he got so high level is because there was a cycle of being in prison and leveling going on at the same time. Well il explain it, its easier by far to gain skill increases on lower levels of skill. Benjy got skill increases, and leveled, before going to a prison for simple murders. After serving time in prison, his skill levels decreased, making them easier to increase once again. However, in this cycle, your level does not change at all, therefore you can climb to a high level quickly. I did every quest with benjy, except the mages guild quests, as i got expelled after completing the main quest, so i could not get any daedra hearts to get back in. benjy spent most of the time in prison, and doing murders on guards.

Rantaam Slith:A level 32 Khajiit, under the birthsign of shadow, and the class of the assasin, he is a master in security, stealth, and blade, and an expert in light armour and marksman. He is my most infamous of characters, and I use him simply for fun. I do not go round killing guards only with this character, he is the listener of the black hand, and anyone who comes within 10 yards of him, will soon be on the floor, dead. He has been to prison 14 times, the first six, because he could not handle the amount of guards, and the last 8 for fun, he has escaped prison 10 times and killed everyone you can kill in chorrol and cheydinhal. he spends most of his time murdering, he was expelled from the fighters guild and the mages guild, for murder. He did this over three times each, and was permanantly expelled. His iinfamy is 467, and his fame 36. His purpose only is for death.