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Hey! Im Ben, i like to think i'm a good laugh to talk to, so feel free to have a chat =)

Anyway, to start off...

OB-icon-ingredient-Fire Salts.png This user likes Fire. And yes, he will flame you

And if you tick me off, Believe me, i will flame you =)

I would like to do more, but there is only so much stuff you can do over broadband =(

Well, as for where i come from...

Flag England.png This user is from England.
Flag Wales.png This user is from Wales.

And be warned that where i grow up, there are very few Welsh there,

so I'm very proud of being Welsh.

Well, as you can guess,

MaleIcon.png This user is male.

And yes, thank you, perfectly straight =)

And as for the game...

User-userbox-Oblivion.png This user is knowledgeable about Oblivion.

In Game Skills[edit]

Current Character[edit]

Mystic Magicion[edit]

Level: 20


Mages Guild:

OB-icon-Mages Guild-Arch-Mage.png Arch-Mage

Dark BrotherHood:

OB-icon-Dark Brotherhood-Listener.png Listener


OB-icon-Arena-Grand Champion.png Grand-Champion

Theives Guild:

OB-icon-Thieves Guild-Gray Fox.png Gray-Fox

Fighters Guild:

OB-icon-Fighters Guild-Guardian.png Guardian

Benolds 22:49, 30 June 2010 (UTC)