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Pictures from the Second NA PC UESP Guild GUAR RAMPAGE[edit]

On 1st January 2016, members of the North American server PC/Mac UESP Guild met at the Arvina Estate in Cyrodiil.

At the Arvina Estate[edit]


Players from left to right:

  • EP - @EgonHaystavk - Dalamus Arethi - Dunmer male, on Guar.
  • AD - @Wicked_Shifty - Wicked Shifty - Imperial male, on Bear.
  • EP - @Chainsaw_bunny - Saul Hemmaundre - Argonian male, on brown Horse.
  • AD - @Lurlock - Llurloche - Altmer male, on brown Horse.
  • AD - @skrigger - Ra’sumar - Khajiit male, on white Horse.
  • DC - @Demiryu1279 - Anvaris - Dunmer male, on Guar.
  • AD - @Jeancey - Jeancey - ?? female, on Bear.
  • AD - @baratron - Martin Draconis - Imperial male, on Guar.
  • EP - @Mauin - Sharzee-Rai - Argonian female, on Guar.
  • EP - @Soylentbob - Ki'yarsa Jayas - Dunmer female, on Guar.
  • EP - @Malevan - Brelyna Indaren - Dunmer female, on Guar.
  • EP - @YazdigerdIV - Lifts-Her-Leg - Argonian female, on Guar.
  • EP - @DeathGrippe - DeathGrippe - ?? male, on Tiger.
  • EP - @lisefrac - Falanu Dren - Dunmer female, on Guar.

User-baratron-UESP on Stairs 2.jpg
Players as above, plus:

  • AD - @Fin1000 - Leofric Stormshard - Nord male.


After meeting and the initial photos, we went for a RAMPAGE around the lake, taking care to avoid the goblins of Muck Valley Cavern. We saw Vaermina's Shrine on the way. @Wicked_Shifty won the first race but "cheated" by using 5 pieces of Fiord's Legacy and 3 pieces of Cyrodiil's Ward. @Mauin was second and @DeathGrippe third. The second race was won by @Malevan with @lisefrac a close second.

Skyshard and Lorebook Hunting[edit]

We started by collecting the Skyshard at the Arvina Estate itself. Then @Jeancey decided to lead an expedition down the mysterious sinkhole into Cracked Wood Cave, citing a need to collect information for the wiki. We obtained the Skyshard and killed a few of the bosses, but ran into some "not us" AD players who were grinding there and proceeded to wipe out the EP and DC members of our party. The EP and DC members ran back as quickly as possible and we completed Niben Basin Dolmen. Then we went up White Fall Mountain where we met @Deandra and @Sedrethi and fought the giant Malvor.


Players from left to right:

  • EP - @Mauin - Sharzee-Rai - Argonian female.
  • EP - @Deandra - Rashaya - Redguard female.
  • EP - @YazdigerdIV - Lifts-Her-Leg - Argonian female.
  • AD - @baratron - Martin Draconis - Imperial male.
  • EP - @Sedrethi - Ravyn Sedrethi - Dunmer male.
  • EP - @Chainsaw_bunny - Saul Hemmaundre - Argonian male.
  • AD - @Lurlock - Llurloche - Altmer male.
  • AD - @Fin1000 - Leofric Stormshard - Nord male.
  • DC - @Demiryu1279 - Anvaris - Dunmer male.

We split into Alliance groups. The AD/DC group obtained the Skyshard at the Temple of the Ancestor Moths, then got the Skyshard behind the Gate of Ghartok. We rejoined the EP group to run Cheydinhal Foothills Dolmen, and then went to get the Skyshard by the Scroll Temple of Chim. Meanwhile the EP group completed Red Ruby Cave where it took a long time for the boss Endare to spawn. We met up again to do Winter's Reach Dolmen, by which time several members needed dinner. So we said goodbye to each other and returned to our Alliance gates.