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Goblins are violent, primitive humanoids found throughout Tamriel, that often live in sewers, caves and ruins in small clan-based societies. They can range in height from three feet to over eight feet. Appearance wise, goblins have green skin, yellow eyes that resemble a cat's, pronounced canine teeth, and some have horns and hunchbacks.

Some goblin tribes, like the Stonechewer tribe worships a god called Muluk, which is thought to be related to the orc god Mauloch, which is known as an aspect of Malacath.[1][2] As goblins are a type of Goblin-ken they are protected and guided by the daedric prince Malacath. [3]

Goblin take a traditional view to their gear, often carefully selected for its utility, and ancient, with some examples being dated to the First era. This is called the "Primal" culture set by ethnographers, however it is unknown if they inherited it from previous generations, looted it from ancient ruins, scavenged it from other civilizations, or forged it themselves.[4] They are know for their vicious combat capabilities with both melee and ranged weapons, but are also know to cast magic and domesticate animals. [5][6]

Goblin society is primitive and violent, and often poses a threat to the more advanced societies that surround them. While their societies are often lead by the strongest and largest goblins called warlords or their religious leaders, the shamans, some tribes are ruled by other races. Goblin shamans are usually the most intelligent members of tribe and the ones that lead in religious practices. They can recognize more intelligent individuals and in some cases reprimand warriors for attacking them, however the death of a shaman is know to turn that tribe docile. The symbol of a shaman position is the Totem staff made from bone, and if stolen by another goblin tribe the robbed tribe will mobilize for war.[7][1]



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