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Aba La[edit]

My user name means forbidden time in the Ayleid language.

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I have many chars on morrowind and oblivion, the only TES games I own at the moment... I really like Oblivion and Morrowind.The Ayleid and daedric languages are very interesting to me.

Current Goingson[edit]

Just sitting at home right now. Not doing anything of much.

My Characters[edit]

NOTE: Most of my characters are strictly for different and/or same testing matters.

Fish: An argonian obviously. His native hometown is Anvil. He likes to collect random junk in his boat as he evades the guard to the point of a chase, leading them all to his junk boat where he rides into anvil's harbor. Going along the shore line until he can almost fall asleep. Then, he rides back and collects more junk! This includes dead people as well. His skin is a deep blue and a large dorsal ridge is visible on the back of his head.


Undead Elvis: This high elf is really bony as his name portrays. He has nothing to do with Elvis whatsoever but likes to sing horridly in his spare time. When he's not singing he's dueling the creatures in the testing hall and trying to figure out where that path goes leading from Hawkhaven. Also constantly wields his Dwarven warhammer and smashing goblins to bits. Reeeeaally loves Sheperd's pie.


Maladem: This imperial started out as a name me and my friend came up with. Then I wrote a couple sagas about him on wordpad and this character was soon brought to life. Maladem's true name was Test, but he hated it so much that he had the grand high Techa change it to Maladem. This man has a father who has BMS, bad memory syndrome. He got so bad that he couldn't even remember the words he had said five minutes ago. So to end his suffering, Maladem had the dark brotherhood assassinate him. As Test, Maladem tested lots of things for The Grand High Aal Ba, which was one of the other grand lords that you cannot disobey. Also as Test, he was flaming with shocks of light on his skin and wisps of frost all over him, though none of it ever damaged him. During his testing career, Test met with a giant clannfear named Grand High Nnaeclra, one of the evil grand lords.


Minds-His-Eye: While managing to live in Bravil, this argonian loves to eat sheep wool, I'm not kidding, he does. He belongs to no faction as he is a skooma addict. He carrys nothing but pants, his leather boots and skooma around. He goes to the skooma den often and even stole skooma from a denfriend as he calls them. When he was using the skooma, once, he bought one of the denfriends at an auction. He's named Reistr The Rotted. So now he's poor and he owns Reister. Minds-His-Eye also has a brother named Eyes-His-Mind. They are identical so there father gave them the same basic name as a joke. Eyes-His-Mind hangs out with Remus The Cheat, a local beggar and unlike his brother, Eyes-His-Mind is very successful, having made a potion called Revelry of Blades. It's an instant seller.


Kelnar: born as an argonian in the imperial city. He bought a shack on the waterfront and got himself the Sangiune Rose, the Saviors Hide, Goldbrand, and the Mastque of Calvus Vile. He wears no shirt or body armor but dwarven greaves, a silver longsowrd the Mastque and spellbreaker. He regularly goes on looting expeditions in various forts and the like.


Mon Chan: He is an evil dark elf who delights in stealing peoples belongings. He wears the ring of Kajiiti, black hand robes with hood and elven bow with seventy arrows. Currently, he is currently trying to kill all of the Bruma guards and thinks Burd is a bhaalspawn. He has over 28k bounty and was once jailed for 122 days. 59 infamy and has only read one book! 128 days have passed. (as a fun time waster I gave all the Bruma guards actual names, except Burd)


My Sandboxes[edit]

user:Aba la/Ffsandbox