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Log of changes made to the UESP Discord Server[edit]

2018-01-11 The #pts_spoilers channel was created. This is intended to be a new permanent channel to discuss the Public Test Server build of Elder Scrolls Online. It may be made read-only outside of PTS testing cycles.

2018-01-12 The #staff_discussion and #discord_discussion channels were created. The Audit Log was made visible to all Staff, not just Admins.
The #apprentice_workshop channel was renamed to #apprentice_lounge, as its purpose changed into a social channel for regular users (of Level 25 and greater). Feedback to staff is now done in #discord_discussion.

2018-01-13 The #journeyman_lounge and #thelastjedi_spoilers channels were deleted, in order to reduce the number of channels on the server.

2018-01-14 The #discord_discussion channel was renamed to #server_feedback, as the most preferred option chosen by Discord users.
In order to keep the #social_media and #audiobook_collab channels together in the UESP section, #social_media channel was moved below #wiki_discussion and #app_development was moved below #audiobook_collab.

2018-01-15 The #server_feedback channel was moved to the bottom of the Staff section, with #staff_discussion to be right above it, in order to keep the two channels together.
It was agreed that it should be standard practice to log any channel before it's deleted.
As the Audit Log doesn't record use of the Dyno bot's ?purge command (available to Admins), we considered disabling this command altogether in order to avoid claims of misuse. However, since any Admin can also re-enable use of the command, we decided instead to limit the use of ?purge to situations such as where the #live_feed channel is flooded due to a Twitter error, or to clear the #mediation channel after the channel has been logged and a copy of the log sent to everyone involved in the conversation.

2018-01-16 Summary of discussion in #server_feedback and general consensus between users and mods there: when issues dealing with disciplinary actions arise, mods may post a brief note that they're beginning to discuss a topic to give users a chance to give input. The mods' discussion on what action to take will be handled in the #staff_private channel to avoid confusion between suggestions and actual action, preserve confidentiality of PMs, etc. The results/reasoning will then be posted in the public #staff_discussion channel (i.e. So-and-so did this, we warned twice, they responded rudely to the PM, we chose this action).

NOTHING personal/confidential from a PM should ever be posted, even in a private staff channel. PMs should only be posted in the public channel with author's consent. Confidential matters should be handled without naming the individual concerned, if possible. If a user PMs a staff member with a question or concern, they should raise it with the team WITHOUT mentioning who contacted them.

2018-01-23 It was decided that logs from public channels that are going to be deleted should be made available on the wiki.

2018-01-25 The content of the !ranks command was updated to reflect the number of Journeymen (we have some now!) and the extra permissions you get at Level 5, 25, and 50.

2018-01-26 Our Discord server has now reached 2000 members!

2018-01-27 After pinging everyone on the server to alert them to a vote, and more than 72 hours of voting, the old #rules and #staff_rules were replaced with the rules listed here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a_MEAAavMNy37ajEmpzWFsYyyRKWM3kzhAeJjbOV9uo/ These are now up on the wiki at UESPWiki:Discord/Rules.

2018-01-29 The moderator-in-training rank was renamed from Tea Party Moderator (as used on the UESP Forums) to Junior Moderator. Among other reasons, this avoids confusion between UESP Discord moderators-in-training and UESP Forums moderators-in-training, since they aren't necessarily the same people.

2018-01-30 The Audit Log was made visible to all users over Level 25 (Apprentice). This allows staff actions to be scrutinised by a limited numbers of "ordinary" (i.e. non-staff) users. However it limits the number of people who can see the log if a user attempts to doxx another user by e.g. changing their Discord username to another user's real name. A role of "Log Patrol" which has the "manage roles" option ticked has been created and given to all Staff. People with the Log Patrol role can manage the permissions of the roles below this role, so that in case of a doxxing emergency, the damage can be contained by immediately shutting off access to the Audit Log.

6 staff and 15 users supported the idea of the Audit Log being made visible to all users over Level 5 (Novice). Due to a lack of consensus, we decided to open up the Audit Log to users over Level 25 with a view to changing this to all members over Level 10 or Level 5 once it's been running for a few months without incident. To view the Audit Log from a PC Discord client, right-click on the UESP server on the left, choose Server Settings, then Audit Log should be the 2nd (for non-Staff) or 3rd (for Staff) option down.

It was also decided that we had a reasonable staff consensus to allow non-racist Pepe emotes/memes in #apprentice_lounge for a trial period. Racist/alt-right Pepes will continue to be banned, and offenders will be punished accordingly. We remained undecided about whether to allow them outside of #apprentice_lounge. The decision will be made based on whether our most regular members can use the emotes/memes inoffensively.

We agreed that all Junior Moderators would be considered for promotion to full Moderator together, in 1-2 months from now.

2018-01-31 A beautifully-formatted version of the rules was posted in the #rules channel.
The #staff_rules channel was finally deleted since now all rules are in #rules.

2018-02-03 A separate #datamining channel was created to avoid flooding #social_media with confidential discussions about blog posts.
By unanimous vote, it was decided that inactive staff who give no reason for their inactivity should be removed from the Staff position if they have not posted in Discord in the last six months. Staff who have not posted within two months should be set to off-duty.

2018-02-05 It was agreed to have a page on the wiki where we record the results of votes etc. relating to the UESP Discord. You're reading it now. Its purpose is so that users returning from a break can see what's changed.

After some discussion, the site https://plug.dj/uesp has been adopted as an official music sharing room for the UESP community. This is a place for users to share and listen to music together by creating playlists and joining a queue to play their songs, outside of Discord.

The word "kek" has been removed from Automod, and replaced with "kekistan". It is now possible to laugh like an orc in Warcraft. However the racist/alt-right word will still be deleted along with the rest of the sentence it's included in. The following channels are excluded from the filter - #staff_private, #staff_discussion, #server_feedback, #rules. As are the following roles - Staff, Discord Moderator, Junior Moderator.

2018-02-08 The Septapus bot was added to #server_feedback.

2018-02-09 Off-duty staff can no longer see, nor participate in, the #staff_private channel. This is so that Staff who are off-duty for personal reasons do not feel obliged to get involved with stressful situations, and do not need to leave Discord altogether during their off-duty time.

2018-02-10 A new channel, #uesp_portuguesa, has been set up for the Portuguese UESP wiki and Twitter translation project / para o projecto de tradução Portuguesa da Wiki e Twitter da UESP. You may speak Portuguese in this channel / aqui podes falar Português.

2018-02-21 Pepe emojis and images are currently allowed on the server on a trial basis, reversing a previous ban on them. Keep in mind that images posted must be in line with the server rules.

2018-03-28 The rule about Discord invite links has been edited to include "Don't PM invite links to people unless they have asked you to".

2018-04-25 The #uesp_portuguesa channel is currently locked and archived.