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Meet Jeancey, a Wiki contributor and Patroller! To learn even more about them, visit their user page.

What's your role around UESP?

I generally work on Morrowind/TR3 pages, Lore pages, templates and categories. I also can be seen making the wiki consistent on pretty much every page, from Arena to Books. I'm generally quite knowledgeable about WikiMarkup.

How long have you been involved?

Just under one year.

What's your favorite part of the site?

I really like how easy it is to jump in, and how quickly the community embraces you.

Favorite Elder Scrolls game? quest? faction?

My favourite Elder Scrolls game, by far, is Morrowind. I always rather enjoyed the Telvanni faction questline, but found myself rarely using it due to the inaccessibility of their stronghold at Tel Uvirith.

You meddled with the Daedric Princes, and now one NPC is forced to be your sidekick. Who would you choose?

Creeper. I find him refreshing.

Tell us one of your favorite things about Tamriel.

I love the entire world. The rich history fascinates me, and whenever I read a new book, or do a quest I haven't done before, I learn something new and fascinating about Tamriel.

Tell us one thing that you've learned while being a member of UESP.

That UESP editing can be detrimental to your studies in real life, but that it is well worth it.

What would you like to say to UESP readers and fans?

Edit!! Make the leap from reader to editor, I think you'll find a great community that anyone can be a part of. Also, join MWOP!